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Protecting The Rights of Semi Tractor-Trailer Victims

When a fully loaded semi, tractor-trailer, or eighteen-wheeler truck is in any type of collision, serious injury is more than likely going to occur. If you or a loved one has been injured as a result of a tractor-trailer incident you have the right to retain an attorney that will fight for your rights when carelessness and irresponsibility may have been the cause. When collisions occur because of a trucker’s negligence, the trucker and their insurance company should be held responsible for the injuries and damages that they inflict on the lives of their victims and their families.

Each year nearly 500,000 large trucks (tractor-trailers or “semis”) are involved in serious traffic collisions in the United States and close to 5,000 of these incidents result in fatalities.

Perhaps the saddest statistic is that truck driver fatigue is the number one cause of semi accidents – 20% of long-haul truck drivers have admitted in a recent survey of falling asleep at the wheel within the past month. And, many of these truckers are employed by large corporations that place the delivery of their goods ahead of public safety—with disastrous results.

Survivors of such horrendous crashes and the families of those who were tragically killed in these collisions may be entitled to compensation to cover current and future costs of medical treatment, lost earnings, as well as your deep and wrenching pain and suffering.

If you know of a friend or a loved one that has been injured or died as a result of a semi collision it is vitally important that you encourage them to consider their legal options, particularly before they are asked to sign any documents relating to the collision by insurance representatives. At Babcock Partners we don’t take these types of collisions lightly, we thoroughly investigate every tractor trailer case that we are made aware of to learn which party may be at fault – however if you don’t call us we can’t help you.

Don’t let truckers and the companies they work for continue to cause harm through their negligence: Babcock Partners will work with you to go over your legal rights and options so you are aware of the compensation and benefits you may so rightly deserve. Please call us now so we can get started investigating your claim.
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