All too often we hear stories about hit-and-run drivers. They crash into someone and turn their world upside down, then they take off. They don’t have the courage or respect to stick around and even see if anyone’s hurt. They’re either afraid of getting in trouble or they just don’t care. There are times when they honestly didn’t realize they hit someone but these occasions are rare. Nobody’s exactly sure what caused the hit and run driver in Opelousas, Louisiana to take off.

Earlier in the evening, the authorities had found the body of a young man in a drainage ditch near the highway. The boy’s mom learned what happened and ran out into the highway, clearly distraught. Her two family members chased after her to console her and make sure she was okay.

A car came along on LA 749 near Legion Lane at about 10:30 pm. It hit and killed the mother of the boy. One of her family members was also struck and killed in the same collision. The third woman was hit and taken to the hospital with injuries. She has been released and is expected to make a full recovery.

Authorities didn’t really release much information on the body they found. They haven’t end identified the name of the young man that was found in the ditch. They have released the name of his mother and aunt. Kizzy Greene, 42-years old and Angela Broussard, 41-years old, both of Opelousas were the women killed in the crash.

The investigation is ongoing and the police have not been able to track down the hit and run suspect as of yet. They’re asking for the public’s health in doing so.

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