8 Ways a Baton Rouge DWI Lawyer Can Help You Win Your Case

Each year, nearly 8000 Louisianans are arrested for DWI. But when it’s you, a million emotions can overtake you: regret, anger, sadness, fear.

You start thinking about what you should have or shouldn’t have done. You might start blaming others or yourself.

But the right DWI lawyer can help you even when the days ahead look dark. They know the laws and can use the laws. They can help you reduce the impact on your health, finances and family while seeking the best outcome for your unique situation.

Let’s look at 8 ways a Baton Rouge DWI lawyer can help you win your case.

1. Better Understand the Law

Even an experienced lawyer wouldn’t likely defend herself in a DWI case if it weren’t in her realm of practice. Why? Because she knows how complex the laws are. She gets how specific they are and how different real estate law, for example, and DWI law can be.

Ultimately, she knows that her best option is to hire DWI lawyer.

If she wouldn’t do it, then it would be even harder for the average person trying to win a DWI case. You may be great at medicine, real estate, teaching or roofing. But if you’ve been charged with DWI, you need a lawyer.

A DWI lawyer understands the laws that apply to your case. They can explain them to you and they know how to use these laws to your advantage.

2. Keep It Out of Court

A great lawyer will try to get things done outside the courtroom. In fact, very little of a court case actually involves standing before a judge.

A lawyer will work with the prosecutor, judge and other connected parties to reach agreements in your favor.

These are heated negotiations coupled with presentation of facts and predictions that those without legal counsel can rarely navigate alone.

3. Understand Your Options

Winning is your ultimate goal, of course.

But it’s important that you know your chances or being convicted. What the penalties for conviction might be and whether you can plead for lesser charges.

A great lawyer has worked enough cases that they can reasonably anticipate the outcome of your trial based upon the many variables unique to your case.

Because of this, they can more clearly see which options are likely the best options for you. A lawyer helps people understand and evaluate options so that they can do what’s best for themselves and their family.

4. Evidence Suppression

This may seem sneaky. But it’s not. It’s all part of the legal system.

Sometimes evidence wasn’t collected correctly or is not relevant. A DWI lawyer knows when something isn’t right. And they know when the prosecutor is “bending the rules” in their favor.

A defense attorney can use the law to challenge or suppress evidence to win your DWI case.

5. Expert Witnesses/Private Detectives

Your DWI lawyer may be the face of your defense. But they rely on a network of paralegals, expert witnesses, private detectives and others to help them build your defense.

They understand that no man is an island.

You may not personally know a scientist, physician or automotive expert who can explain complex science to a judge.

If something is suspicious and requires a closer look, an attorney may seek the services of a PI that they trust.

A DWI attorney has these connections and can put them to work for you.

6. Keep You from Pleading Guilty

If you don’t have a lawyer yet, you may be thinking about pleading guilty. You know it will likely get you a reduced sentence. It looks like your best option.

But not so fast.

Occasionally, pleading guilty is your best option. But you need to understand your options before you make this decision.

A lawyer will be able to evaluate the strength of the prosecution’s case. They’ll be able to look for evidence that might cast reasonable doubt. They can reassure you that pleading guilty isn’t the way to go.

It does a disservice to you, your family and the community when you do time unnecessarily. The hardship on everyone can be incredible.

Instead, talk to a lawyer.

7. Do the Paperwork/Get It Right

You hate paperwork, right? Well, there’s lots of it in a DWI defense.

We don’t like it either. But we do what we must to win the case.

A lot of time and effort goes into planning and executing that plan. There are strict deadlines that must be met to avoid serious consequences. Mismanaged or missing paperwork alone can lose a case.

When the details matter as they do in a DWI case, you want a professional managing the documents.

8. Get the Case Dismissed

It could be just this simple. Maybe you never should have been pulled over and tested in the first place.

An officer must have probable cause to stop you and detain you. If it’s not there, a DWI attorney knows to ask for a dismissal.

Perhaps it’s clear that the breathalyzer wasn’t correctly used, which could lead to false readings. A DWI lawyer may ask for dismissal or suppression of evidence which would give the prosecutor little to no case.

Maybe you were asked to do a field sobriety test in flip-flops or high heels. The test area was poorly lit. Or it was a stormy night. Maybe a sobriety checkpoint wasn’t lawful.

There are dozens of reasons that the officer could get it wrong. A DWI lawyer can spot the inconsistencies and failures in protocol. They can then use those facts to get a case dismissed or to get a better plea deal.

A DWI Lawyer Can Help You Win Your Case

A DWI lawyer knows the laws and how to use them in your favor. They have the connections needed to win a case. And they may even be able to get it dismissed.

We’ve given you 8 reasons to consider hiring an attorney. If you have more questions, give us a call at our Baton Rouge office.