A Clutter Free Home is a Safer Place

Having a home full of items everywhere can not only appear disorganized but also create a trip hazard and an unsafe environment, especially if there are young children in the house. With Christmas Day just a few days away, many families are getting prepared to either travel or invite a guest into their home. To keep a safe and comfortable home for the holiday season, below you will find four tips to keep a clutter-free home.

1. Find a home for every item

Making sure items are stored in the room they are used in helps assure they will get put away after use. Storing items that are similar is another way to help. If you use an item frequently store it somewhere easily accessible.  One reason things pile up on tables, floors or counters is because they don’t a specific home.

2. Stay on top of it

Some places in your home need daily maintenance like the common area and kitchen. These areas of your home accumulate the most piles. Staying on top of the cleaning and maintenance will help eliminate this problem and create a stress-free environment.

3. Just Say No

Whether it’s a key chain, t-shirt or coffee mug, everyone likes a good freebie. Before taking such items, think to yourself, will I really use this? If not, it’s better not to take it. The fewer items in your home, the less clutter.

4. Clean out your closet

Don’t hold onto things because you think you may need them one day. This is a quick way to have clothing that is rarely worn pile up in your closet. Sort through your clothes at the end of each season. Get rid of items that don’t fit or are uncomfortable.