What Are the Things You Need to Do After Your Workplace Accident?

If you get hurt in a workplace accident, you should be eligible for workers’ compensation. As long as you follow the rules, there shouldn’t be an issue with your claim. However, if you don’t follow your company’s policy regarding work-related accidents, you could jeopardize your claim. There are also some common sense things you need to do in order to preserve your claim.

That hardest thing about proving your workers’ comp claim is demonstrating that the accident took place on company time. There are so many people that either fake injuries or intentionally get hurt at work, they ruin it for other employees. Companies need to protect themselves from employees who want to take advantage of them.

One way employers do this is by putting rather strict workplace accident policies and procedures in place. This is so they can weed through all claims of workplace injuries and identify the ones that are legitimate. Most employees won’t bother to go through the proper channels just to get a few days off work.

If your workers’ comp claim has been denied and you think it’s because of a small mistake you made, you can appeal your claim. This is why you should call an experienced workers’ comp lawyer in Baton Rouge. They can help with your appeal and try to negotiate a settlement with your employer’s insurance company.

Make Sure You’re Familiar with Your Company’s Policy

When you start a new job, your training manager will give you copies of all the company’s policies and procedures. Sometimes they let you keep a copy of the employee handbook. This handbook has a copy of all the policies in it. Other times, you’ll simply sign a copy of the policy and return it to your manager.

You want to make sure you have a copy of the workplace accident policy. This policy will outline exactly what you have to do in the event of a workplace accident or injury. You don’t want to have to wait until you’re lying on the floor after an accident to figure out what the policy says.

Usually, a company policy on workplace accidents will require the following:

  • That you report the accident to your manager or Human Resources immediately
  • That you fill out an accident/injury report
  • You must seek treatment immediately
  • You cannot refuse treatment
  • Usually, you’ll have to submit to a drug test

As long as you follow these steps, you should be okay. One of the biggest reasons workers’ comp claims are denied is because the employee didn’t follow their company policy. If you do everything that’s required of you, there shouldn’t be a problem.

Make Sure You Comply with Medical Treatment

One thing that’s important about preserving your workers’ comp claim is that you comply with all medical treatment. If you refuse medical treatment at the time of your accident or injury, your claim will likely be denied. If you refuse treatment, it’s presumably because you aren’t hurt. And, if you aren’t hurt, you have no need to file a workers’ comp claim.

When you report your injury to your manager, they’re going to arrange for medical treatment. If you have serious injuries, you’ll probably be transported to the emergency room. Otherwise, you’ll be sent to a company approved doctor. If you refuse to see the company approved doctor, your claim will be denied. Since your employer is paying for your medical treatment, they have a right to say which doctor you say.

The other important thing is that you go to all of your medical appointments. You also need to comply with your doctor’s treatment recommendations. For example, if your doctor says you need to go to physical therapy, go to physical therapy. If you don’t comply with your treatment plan, your employer will think you’re thwarting the efforts to get you well.

Your employer’s goal is to get you back to work as soon as possible. So, if they think you’re dragging your feet when it comes to treatment, they’re going to have a good reason to deny or terminate your claim.

Contact a Trial Lawyer in Baton Rouge About Your Workplace Accident

If you’re experiencing problems with your workers’ comp claim, you should call a trial lawyer in Baton Rouge. They’ll deal with the insurance company and your employer. They’ll make sure your claim is handled properly from the start. They can also help appeal your claim if, for some reason, it’s denied.

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