5 Baton Rouge Car Accident Facts All Drivers Must Know

1n 2016, there were over 2.9 million licensed drivers in the state of Louisiana, according to data collected by the Highway Safety Research Group. The report also reveals there were nearly 200,000 car accidents, over 700 fatalities, and over 80,000 injuries.

This clearly shows drivers face a significant risk when they’re behind the wheel.

That’s why you should always be prepared and know the facts. Although no one wants to deal with unfortunate events such as car accidents, the hard truth is that you never know when you might be involved in a car wreck. Every time you get behind the wheel of a moving vehicle, you are taking a risk.

If you ever find yourself in a Baton Rouge car accident, would you be prepared?

We’ve put together a list of 5 facts you need need to know if you’re involved in a Batan Rogue car accident.

1. Baton Rouge is One of America’s Most Dangerous Cities for Drivers

In a recent study that looked at several indicators, including the number of fatal car crashes, and the likelihood of being involved in an accident, Baton Rouge was named the second most dangerous city for drivers in the US.

The only city that was found to be more dangerous was Detroit, Michigan.

This is important for you to know so that you realize what you’re facing on the road, on the highway, in intersections and all over town. In a city that poses such serious risks to drivers, it’s vital to know and obey traffic laws.

You can’t always prevent being in a car wreck, but you can do your part in keeping the roads as safe as possible. And just maybe, with your help, there will be one less Baton Rouge car accident this year.

2. Baton Rouge Driver’s Insurance Is Among the Highest in the Nation

Ever wonder how dangerous drivers affect everyone? Just take a look at your auto insurance rate.

Dangerous driving doesn’t just affect those directly involved. It affects all drivers, too.

Insurance is a necessary cost. But it doesn’t have to be as expensive as it is if you live and drive in Baton Rouge. If everyone made an effort to drive safely, your auto insurance might cost much less.

In the study cited above, they examined the most dangerous cities for drivers, and researchers also looked at cities auto insurance data.

The researchers established Baton Rouge drivers pay roughly $2624 per year for auto insurance. While drivers in Cary, North Carolina, which is listed as the safest city for drivers, pay only $729. That’s a difference of a close to $2000. Imagine what you can be able to do with an extra $2,000 in your pocket!

3. Most Car Accidents Are Due to Carelessness

whopping 90% of all car accidents are due to driver’s error.

If you want to avoid a Baton Rouge car accident, you need to take safety seriously.

Among the top tips to decrease your chances of a collision? Raise your gaze, keep your hands on the wheel at the 10 and 2 position, check the air pressure in tires regularly and apply the three-second rule to the car in front of you.

4. The Top Causes for Accidents May Not Be What You Think

A Baton Rouge car accident can happen in a split second. And many of us have been guilty of at least one of the top causes of accidents.

The top three causes of accidents in the US are listed as the following: distracted driving, drunk driving, and speeding.

Additional top culprits for crashes include reckless driving, rain, running red lights and tailgating.

When you drive, it helps to follow the rules of the road, stay focused and don’t drive when you are tired. Also, avoid driving when the weather conditions have made the roads unsafe.

5. One of the Biggest Mistakes People Make After Accidents Is Not Contacting an Attorney

Not reaching out to an attorney after your car wreck is one of the top mistakes that you can make.

Many people feel overwhelmed by an accident, and as a result, they avoid talking to a lawyer because they don’t want to add to their stress.

But if you are injured, you should contact an experienced personal injury attorney immediately.

An attorney can help you get the settlement you deserve. And, they know how to navigate the process and communicate with the other party much more efficiently than you could on your own. They can also help you to understand your rights better.

Even if your injury does not seem major like broken bones or a laceration, sometimes what seems to be a minor ache or pain can worsen in time. So, ensure you’re examined by a doctor and that you are not quick to tell others at the scene that you are not hurt.

In fact, it’s probably best if you keep your words to a minimum at the accident scene.

Get adequate information from the other driver when possible. Don’t allow them to take a photo of your tag, as this has been used to scam people and steal their identity.

The right attorney will actually help to ease your stress, not add to it, despite your fears.

Have You Been in a Baton Rouge Car Accident?

Ensure you keep an attorney’s name and contact information on speed dial in the event of an accident. You never know when you might need their services or advice.

In fact, consider keeping their number in your glove box. You will feel secure knowing that if you do get involved in a car accident, you have an experienced professional you can call for help. We have experience with all types of car accidents from rear-end collisions to rollover crashes. And, if you have already been in a recent Baton Rouge car accident, it’s not too late to contact an attorney.

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