Why Are Motorcycle Accidents So Much More Dangerous than Other Types of Accidents?

Any motorcycle accident lawyer in Baton Rouge would tell you that motorcycle accidents are the most dangerous type of accident. Motorcycle accident victims tend to suffer very serious injuries. In fact, many of them don’t ever recover from their injuries. They either end up permanently disabled or they pass away.

For people who ride motorcycles, the last thing they expect is to get into an accident. They may have been riding for years and never had anything bad happen to them. But all it takes is one mistake and they can end up in a crash. It doesn’t even have to be due to anything they did wrong. Negligence on the part of the other driver is often the cause of the accident. No matter how careful you are, there’s nothing you can do to make the other people on the road be just as careful.

If you get injured in a motorcycle accident, you’re going to need an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer. Your attorney will focus on the legal side of things while you recover from your injuries. And, if your loved one passed away due to injuries sustained in a motorcycle crash, you may have a claim for wrongful death.

Your Baton Rouge Motorcycle Accident Attorney Knows How Bad Your Injuries Are

Motorcycle accident lawyers in Louisiana know how dangerous these crashes can be. This is because the only thing standing between you and the other vehicle is a plastic helmet. Often times, you can be ejected from your bike. When this happens, you’ll end up being thrown several feet. You could end up in the middle of traffic. This means you may get run over by another vehicle. If this happens, there’s little you can do to protect yourself.

Some of the injuries sustained in motorcycle accidents include:

  • Spinal cord injuries – Most people who suffer a spinal cord injury end up paralyzed. You could end up in a wheelchair for the rest of your life. If this happens, odds are you won’t be able to work again.
  • Broken neck – Similar to a spinal cord injury, a broken neck can be debilitating. If you break your neck in a motorcycle accident, you’re going to need surgery and long-term physical therapy.
  • Back injuries – Given the impact suffered, you’ll probably experience some sort of back injury. These injuries also tend to require surgery and physical therapy.
  • Traumatic brain injury – Whenever you sustain a serious blow to the head, you can end up with a traumatic brain injury.

Any of these injuries can end up costing thousands in medical bills. You shouldn’t be responsible for these bills if the crash wasn’t your fault.

You Deserve Compensation for Your Injuries

If you’re seriously injured in a motorcycle accident, you’ll be entitled to damages. Your motorcycle accident attorney in Baton Rouge is going to demand the following damages:

  • Medical Bills – You may have a ton of medical bills following your crash. This includes the emergency room visit, ambulance ride and costs for surgery.
  • Lost Wages – If you miss months from work, you can demand compensation. This represents the money you lost while recovering from your crash.
  • Pain and Suffering – You will suffer extensive pain and suffering if you get into a crash on your bike. Your entire body is exposed to the impact. There’s no end to the kind of pain you may experience.
  • Property Damage – Your motorcycle will probably be destroyed in the crash. If this is the case, the other driver’s insurance company will have to pay to replace it. If your bike is just damages, they can pay to repair it.
  • Permanent Disability – You may not be able to work after your motorcycle crash. If you suffer a brain injury or crushed knees, you’ll probably end up on disability. The defendant will have to pay the difference between what you get on disability versus what you would’ve earned working full-time.

Contact an Experienced Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Baton Rouge Today

Anyone who has a family member who got hurt in a motorcycle crash knows how dangerous they can be. Many accident victims actually die from their injuries. Our personal injury lawyers in Baton Rouge have had cases where they need to visit their clients in the hospital for weeks on end. They simply aren’t capable of coming into the office for their initial consultation. If this is the case with you, don’t worry. Call our office and we’ll arrange something that works for you.