DIY Injuries and How They Can Be Prevented

Many homeowners take matters into their own hands when sprucing up and maintaining their homes. Whether you just like to do things yourself, or you rather save money, so you don’t have to call a professional either way, it is vital that you take the right precautions when working on these type of projects. Read the manual and be realistic. Don’t attempt to do a job unless you have the ability.

Statistics from the Home Safety Council show that of the 43 million DIYers taking on projects, 1 in 5 end up in the hospital every single year due to accidents that happen during those projects and an average of 70 deaths occur. 50 of those 70 deaths are caused by accidents involving ladders and stepladders. Knifes and scalpels are the most dangerous type of DIY tools.  So before your next project, consider the following tips to prevent injuries.

Take extra time while cutting with sharp tools

An average of 20,000 DIY accidents occur each year when carpets and cables are being cut or slipping with a sharp blade.

Dress the part

Always wear appropriate clothing and shoes when working on projects. Wear gloves and protective eye wear when necessary. Exercise caution when using a weedwacker or lawnmower and keep your hands and feet away from the blades.

Watch out for Chemicals

Some of the most dangerous chemicals are actually found in your home. Cleaning products are used daily but contain toxic fumes. Keep rooms’ well-ventilated and open windows while cleaning. Never close yourself up in a room and step out to get fresh air when need. Always ensure that all chemicals are kept out of reach of children.

Electrical Repairs

Don’t forget to disconnect all electrical tools and appliances before working on them and make sure you really know what you are doing. Every year over 4,000 people are injured from trying to do their own electrical repairs.