Getting a Truck Accident Lawyer for Your Case

Studies report around 500,000 injuries resulting from large truck accidents annually.

Of these accidents, approximately 5,000 trucking accidents result in fatalities. Large trucks are defined as vehicles with a gross weight over 10,000 pounds. More than 3.5 million large trucks travel on American roads each year.

Some truck accidents are truly accidents, but many would argue that most of them are actually preventable. When a truck accident happens, someone is almost always at fault.

If a person or property are injured or damaged from a truck accident because of negligence or action, a lawyer can help them get compensation. Truck and car accidents are very different. It is important for the victim to hire an attorney who specifically has experience in dealing with truck accidents.

Read on to find out what you should look for when hiring a truck accident injury attorney.

The Guide To Hiring A Truck Accident Lawyer

Truck Accident Causes

As we said before, the general consensus is that truck accidents do not just happen. While some situations result from causes outside of human control, such as weather or road conditions, almost all truck accidents can be prevented.

Human error and negligence are two of the most common causes of these accidents. This can be applied to both from the truck driver or from other drivers on the road.

The most common causes of truck accidents are:

  • High-stress levels in drivers
  • Overloading of trucks
  • Lack of proper spacing between trucks and other vehicles
  • Mechanical failure
  • Lack of concentration
  • Driver Fatigue Accidents

Truck accident injuries can cause devastating injuries and sometimes even death. Because a commercial truck is much bigger than a normal pedestrian vehicle, the results from a collision could be devastating.

One can recover from the pain and suffering resulting from a truck accident injury by seeking out a qualified truck accident lawyer. The lawyer will help the victim seek compensation for their injuries and property damage.

Accident liability is complicated. Although many lawyers practice auto injury law, truck accident lawyers are different. Large commercial trucks follow different regulations and laws then the normal pedestrian vehicle. Only an experienced lawyer specializing in truck accidents would understand the specific guidelines that govern large trucks.

What Does A Truck Accident Lawyer Do?

If one has gone through a trucking accident, finding the right lawyer is essential. The right attorney should be professional and experienced in this field, and be able to:

  • Determining all responsible parties
  • Help the client through the entire claim process
  • Get the maximum amount of compensation

The trucking company has many experienced people on their side. These people have years of experience of visiting truck accident sites, interviewing witnesses, and evaluating accident claims.

These people definitely know what they are doing, and are working to protect the trucking company’s interests. That is why it is important for the victim to make sure they also have someone on their side who will protect their interests.

When determining all responsible parties in the accident, there are some parties that may be less obvious than others. Of course, the obvious choices include the drivers of the vehicles that were involved in the accident.

Less obvious parties include insurance companies, manufacturers of the vehicles, and contractors.

The trucking company can become liable under several circumstances.

A good lawyer will help you determine and navigate which party is responsible. Proper rig maintenance and timely inspections are done according to FMSCA regulations are important responsibilities of the company.

It is important to identify all responsible parties so that the correct compensation can be paid from the right party. A truck accident lawyer can help a client identify all liable defendants so that the largest amount of damages can be compensated.

How To Choose The Best Lawyer For A Case

Trucking accident claims can be very complicated. Having a trustworthy lawyer is essential in receiving fair compensation. Here are some suggestions on how to choose the best truck accident lawyer:

Ask for Recommendations

Nothing is more reliable than working with someone who is already vouched for.

Asking friends and family for recommendations is always a good idea. But one should always remember that trucking accidents are a very specific niche. It would be wise to find an attorney who specializes in these kinds of cases.

Truck accidents require a lot of specialized knowledge. Another good idea is to ask other professionals for recommendations. For example, one can ask a family lawyer if they know anyone with a specialty in these particular cases.

Research Your Options

Research research research! After getting recommendations, one should always do their own due diligence and do some research to find out additional information.

If nothing seems a good fit from these recommendations, one can always do a search for truck accident lawyers in the area. When visiting a lawyer’s website, always check the lawyer’s credentials and track record of verdicts and settlements.

Always make sure the lawyer has had success in specifically truck accident lawsuits. As mentioned before, truck accidents are a very specific niche, so a standard auto law attorney may not be the best fit.

Online reviews are always helpful to look at as well. Reading reviews of how others in similar situations had of their experience with a particular attorney can be extremely helpful.

Schedule Interviews

Once a short list of potential lawyers has been compiled, one should always schedule interviews. Now with modern technology, people can schedule interviews via Skype or webcam. Of course, it is always ideal to be able to meet the attorney in real life to get a true sense of how comfortable one will be working with him/her.

Truck accident attorneys usually offer free consultations or case reviews. Sharing all details of the case, fees, and expenses, and their professional opinion are all things that should be discussed during this time.

Ready To Find Your Perfect Truck Accident Lawyer?

Truck accident laws are vast and convoluted. Finding a good attorney who specializes in trucking accidents is anyone’s best bet in getting the compensation they deserve.

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