Headaches After Car Accident? Why You Should Call Us ASAP

You’ve just been in a car accident, but despite damage to your car, you feel fine. Your doctor said that you had a mild concussion, but that it wasn’t anything to be worried about.

You may not have any broken bones or bruises, but you feel like you’ve been getting more headaches after a car accident.

Sometimes it’s a vague sense of pain, other times it feels focused and sharp. Occasionally you feel exhausted when you have headaches, or you may feel more irritable and depressed.

Headaches after a car accident are no laughing matter, and if you’ve been experiencing them you need to get in contact with a concussion specialist doctor and attorney ASAP.

Want to know why you should always contact a concussion attorney when you experience headaches after a car accident?

Read on to learn more.

The Facts About Head Injuries

Headaches after a car accident should always be taken seriously. Even if you’ve been examined by a doctor and were released from a hospital, you still could have a serious head injury that’s slowly getting worse without treatment.

If you want to learn about the true dangers of head injuries, look no further than the research the CDC collected on traumatic brain injuries (TBI).

It’s estimated that 1.7 million people in the united states experience a TBI every year. There are 1.3 million emergency room visits for TBIs, 275,000 people that are injured are hospitalized, and 50,000 people that sustain them die.

The CDC estimates that the direct cost of these injuries and indirect costs (such as loss of work time) cost the United States economy $60 billion.

All of these statistics are alarming, but the most shocking of all may be that a whopping 75% of all TBIs are caused by concussions.

Concussions And Your Health

Concussions aren’t uncommon among athletes and people that have been in car accidents, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t a serious health issue.

A concussion is a specific type of TBI that can be caused by a blow, jolt, or even a bump on the head.

Many people falsely believe that you need to take a direct hit to the head to experience a concussion. Whiplash from a car accident, or any other sudden, jerky movement, could result in a concussion.

Essentially, anything that causes the head and brain to move rapidly and violently back and forth can cause a concussion.

The intense and sudden movement can cause the brain to bounce around or even twist in the skull. This damage creates chemical changes in the brain, and in some serious cases can stretch or damage brain cells.

Beyond Concussions

The headaches after a car accident you’ve had could be caused by concussions, or it could be caused by something else.

Concussions are a serious kind of TBI, but they aren’t the only kind. You can experience a variety of other TBIs after you’ve been in a car accident.

Cerebral Contusions

A contusion is a medical term for a bruise. Capillaries or venules break, and blood accumulates underneath tissue. A bruise on your leg or arm may not be much to worry about, but a bruise on your brain can cause serious damage.

Cerebral contusions can range from minor to life-threatening. And like other TBIs, it can take awhile for the injury to become apparent.

The headaches after a car accident you’re feeling could be a sign of a cerebral contusion. Other symptoms include dizziness, nausea, changes in mood, and difficulty with coordination and movement.

Diffuse Axonal Injury

A diffuse axonal injury (DAI) is a very serious condition that’s usually accompanied by loss of consciousness and severe head trauma.

DAI is a stretching injury that affects the brain’s neurons and axons. Neurons and axons are like our brain’s highways, it uses them to communicate what needs to be done.

When these important cells are harmed, brain damage occurs. This damage can also be difficult to pick up on brain scans.

What A Car Accident Attorney Can Give You

Headaches after a car accident may not seem like a legal matter, but if you’re experiencing them you need to get an attorney ASAP. But any attorney won’t do, you’ll need a car accident attorney with experience in this particular area if you want to have the best representation possible.

Car accident attorneys aren’t just experts in traffic law, they also know about common injuries that occur during accidents. They’ll be able to best represent your interests in court.

After experiencing a TBI, you may be wary of hiring an attorney and taking things to court. But once you see what an attorney can do for you, you’ll be ready to find one of your own.

Proper compensation

We already stated that the CDC estimates that the economy loses $60 billion per year because of TBI related problems. The economy may suffer when people are injured, but your wallet and bank account will hurt more.

Take time to think about all of the money you’ve had to spend on doctor appoints. Even if you have insurance, you still need to cover co-pays, additional medicine, and other medical expenses.

Beyond medical costs, you also have to think about lost income. The car accident and injuries you’ve dealt with have caused you to miss work.

In some severe cases, the car accident and injuries you’ve sustained could affect your ability to bring in income like you used to.

You may have experienced permanent damage that makes you less able to do your job properly. You may even have to quit your job and go on disability.

You may have your disability claim approved or have enough sick time to cover missed work hours, but sometimes that isn’t enough. A car accident attorney can make sure you get the compensation you’re truly owed.

Peace of Mind and Justice

Another car may have rear-ended you, or you may have hit an object, but that doesn’t mean that the headaches after a car accident you’re experiencing are your fault.

The TBI you have may be the fault of the auto manufacturer that made your vehicle.

In the automotive industry, there’s a term called crashworthiness. This term refers to a vehicles ability to withstand damage and protect passengers in the event of an accident.

Every automaker performs a litany of tests to make sure that their vehicles are designed to protect passengers, but sometimes mistakes can be made.

Your car may have had an acceleration issue that caused you to go faster right before the point of impact. The airbag may not have been loaded properly, or may not be up to proper safety standards.

Imagine how many other drivers are on the road with your car and could be at risk for the TBI you have, or worse.

A car accident attorney won’t just make sure you have proper compensation, they can also ensure that manufacturers are held responsible for accidents that their vehicles caused.

Headaches After A Car Accident: What To Do

Now that you know how serious your headaches can be and how the right attorney can help you, it’s time to take action.

If you’ve been experiencing headaches after a car accident, these should be your immediate next steps.

See A Doctor

We know that you’ve already seen a doctor, but if you’re experiencing frequent headaches after a car accident you need to pay another visit to a specialist.

First, be sure to talk to the doctor that you saw first. Let them know the symptoms you’re feeling, and see what they recommend.

Now would be the perfect time to get a second opinion. See if you can get a referral from the doctor that treated you, or get a recommendation from one of our lawyers who deal with these cases regularly and see what doctors get the best results for their concussion clients.

Try to see if you can go to a doctor or health care center that specializes in head injuries. They may be able to see and treat things that regular doctors won’t be able to catch.

Track Your Pain

When you start to notice headaches after a car accident, take time to record your symptoms. The data you collect can be helpful for your doctors, and it could come in handy later in court.

Take note of what time of day they happen, and record what you were doing beforehand. Did you feel your headache coming on at work or when you were doing physical labor or did this come on when you were relaxed or in bed?

Also, try to think about the kind of pain you’re feeling. Do you feel like you have sharp pains located in one area of the head, or do you feel an overall dull ache?

Think About Delayed Injuries

One of the things that makes head injuries especially dangerous is that some problems and symptoms of problems don’t appear right away. It could take hours, days, and in some cases weeks for problems to arise.

This is why it’s important to be proactive about tracking your health when you’re experiencing headaches after a car accident. There could be more severe problems lurking, and seemingly small problems could lead to a serious medical diagnosis.

If you’re experiencing other problems when you have headaches, be sure to write them down (even if you don’t think they’re related). It may seem strange, nausea, changes in appetite, and even changes in mood can be signs of a more serious problem.

Consider Other Health Problems

There are a variety of other health problems you can experience that are related to your car accident, but may not be related to your head injury. All of these are important to inform your doctor about.

Neck and shoulder pain accompanied by general stiffness could be a sign that you have whiplash. Back pain and spinal pain could also be a sign of serious whiplash.

Abdominal pain and swelling could indicate internal bleeding. Internal bleeding a serious issue and could take days after an accident to discover. If you experience abdominal pain along with bruising or dizziness, see a doctor immediately.

Emotional pain should also be taken into consideration. Your body isn’t the only thing that can be affected by an accident, you could experience psychological changes and injuries.

If you’ve been having rapid mood swings, or seem depressed or anxious, you could have PTSD. It’s also possible that your brain injury could lead to personality changes or mental disorders.

Gather Paperwork

When you’ve been experiencing headaches after a car accident, you need to start gathering important paperwork. Everything related to the accident and your health will be important if you need to go to court.

If you possible see if you can obtain the police report from the accident. Also, contact your insurance company to see what information they have.

Get any medical paperwork you can from doctors. Make copies of doctors notes, prescriptions, and bills from visits so you can have the originals and something to send to your attorney.

If your work performance has been affected, or if you can’t work, it may be a good idea to gather some written statements from your boss or coworkers.

Coworkers and employers may not need to testify in court, but it never hurts to have statements from them. Have them talk about how your performance or demeanor has been altered by the accident.

Find The Right Attorney

We mentioned that you should find a car accident attorney, but any car accident attorney won’t do. You want to make sure you find one that’s right for you and can handle the case.

Experience is one of the main factors you should consider when you’re looking for an attorney.

When you’re doing your initial attorney outreach, be sure to ask them how long they’ve been specializing in car accident concussion cases, not how long they’ve been practicing law.

A car accident attorney that’s been exclusively working on car accident cases for fifteen years is far more valuable than an attorney that’s been practicing for fourty years with 1 year of experience with car accidents.

Also be sure to ask for recommendations for clients, and to check out legal review sites to see what others have to say about them.

Get The Help You Need Today

If you’ve been experiencing headaches after a car accident, don’t spend any more time debating what to do. You need to get legal and medical help immediately.

Check out MedcineNet’s list of head injury doctors in the Baton Rouge area and get medical help today.

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