Should I Hire a Louisiana Personal Injury Law Firm?

Each year, more than 37,000 people are killed in auto accidents in the United States. More than 2.35 million more are injured or disabled.

If you’ve recently become one of those 2.35 million, you may be wondering what comes next.

Even as a victim of an accident, you’ll face insurance companies demanding answers and doctors and mechanics demanding money. Dealing with these things while also coping with physical injuries or mental anguish can be overwhelming.

That’s where a personal injury law firm comes in.

They’ll take away the stress of dealing with insurance companies, doctors, and more so that you can focus on your recovery. They’ll also help you fight to receive the compensation and justice that you deserve for your pain and suffering.

Without a personal injury law firm, you’ll face all of this on your own. You may end up taking a payout that is far less than you deserve. Or worse, you may end up taking some of the responsibility for an accident that wasn’t your fault.

Waiting to contact a personal injury law firm immediately after you are injured in a car accident is a mistake. Keep reading to learn why.

After Your Injury, the Pain Won’t Be Over

Whether you were injured in the accident or not, you’ll still face mental anguish long after your accident.

If you visited a hospital after the accident, the pain will come in the form of constant bills and inquiries from doctors, demanding that you pay them. Even if you’ve filed claims with your insurance, the bills may continue to come. The stress of dealing with them can take a toll on your health and can distract you from your job or family.

Even if you didn’t visit a hospital, you’ll still be bombarded by bills and demands from mechanics fixing your vehicle, from your insurance company, and likely from the insurance companies of anyone else involved in the accident.

When you contact a personal injury law firm, the first thing they will do is take away the stress of dealing with all of the calls and paperwork. They’ll be able to tell you who you need to talk to and who you don’t.

Insurance Companies Will Try to Get Out of Any Responsibilities

Most importantly, a personal injury law firm will deal with the insurance companies for you.

Insurance companies use a variety of tactics to try to avoid having to pay out. They’ll try to get you to take responsibility for the accident, even if it clearly wasn’t your fault. They’ll try to get you to pay for your own medical costs by convincing you that your injuries were caused by something other than your wreck.

Having to deal with this harassment on top of any physical or mental pain that you suffered during your accident can quickly become overwhelming.

But personal injury law firms know every tactic that insurance agencies use. They’ll face the insurance agents for you, and make sure that you aren’t forced into a situation because you weren’t aware of all of your rights.

A personal injury law firm also won’t let the insurance agencies talk or write their way out of paying. You’ve invested in and paid for insurance for a reason.

Your personal injury law firm knows that. That’s why they will be prepared to make sure that you get everything that is owed to you by your insurance company, or by the insurance company of whoever caused the accident.

You May Not Be Thinking Clearly

After an accident, the insurance company or lawyers representing the person responsible will likely try to get you to accept a payout.

They do this immediately after an accident to try to blind you with the promise of money before you have a chance to think it through, contact your own personal injury lawyer, or even take a breath.

They’ll warn you that the bills are going to start coming in from doctors and mechanics. They’ll try to scare you into believing that you’ll have to pay those bills if you choose to take the case to court instead of taking the case to court.

They may even try to convince you that you’ll lose out on any compensation if you refuse the initial payout and take your case to court.

If you were injured after your accident and had to stay in the hospital or attend doctors visits, you may not get a chance to catch your breath until after weeks after the accident. This can increase the chance that you’ll be tempted by the promise of a payout.

But what those lawyers and insurance companies are hoping to do by blindsiding you is to get you to take a payout that is much, much less than what you would get if you took them to court.

By enlisting the help of a personal injury law firm immediately after your accident, you’ll have a professional there to reassure you that turning down that payout is a good idea.

Bills Will Continue Coming Far Longer Than You Might Think

One of the biggest reasons why accepting an immediate payout is a bad idea is because unexpected bills may continue to pile up long after your accident.

If your vehicle wasn’t totaled, your mechanic will provide an initial estimate of repair costs. Your insurance company and the insurance company of the responsible party will use this estimate to calculate how much you are owed.

But an estimate is called that for a reason.

Your mechanic may discover that additional repairs are needed before they are done working. Or, you may get your car back only to discover that other problems arise as a result of damage later on.

Or, the repairs may end up taking much longer than expected, and you’ll need a rental car to get to work and other obligations.

Unexpected medical bills may also begin to pop up.

Treatment for your injuries could take longer than expected. You could require additional rehabilitation to recover. You might miss far more work than you originally thought you would.

Or worse, you may develop additional medical issues because of the injuries that you sustained during the accident. These may not arise until months or even years after your accident.

Your personal injury law firm will help make sure that you not only get the money that you deserve immediately after your wreck but that you are covered for future expenses as well.

You May Not Be Able to Prove Your Innocence on Your Own

Sometimes, it is overwhelmingly obvious who is at fault in an accident.

A car runs a red light and hits a car that was legally crossing an intersection. A motorcycle gets rear-ended while stopped at a stop sign.

But other times it is less clear who is at fault. In these situations, even if you are certain that you are not at fault, it can be tough to prove that that is the case to insurance companies.

The insurance companies of the other parties involved in the accident will try everything that they can to prove that you are at fault. If they can’t put all of the blame on you, they may still try to prove that both involved parties were at fault, even if this wasn’t the case at all.

Without the help of a personal injury law firm, it may be your word against the word of anyone else involved in the accident. But your personal injury law firm will be prepared. They will have the investigative skills and resources it takes to prove your innocence, to make sure that you get the payment that you deserve.

You’ll Need Professional Legal Guidance to Fight for Justice

If you weren’t seriously injured, or if you are able to keep a level head, you could turn down an initial payout on your own. If you have experience dealing with doctors or insurance companies, you could face the paperwork on your own.

But even if you can do all of these things on your own, trying to take your case to court on your own is a mistake.

There are so many loopholes and technical details that the lawyers of the other party or that the insurance companies will try to use against you when they find out that you intend to represent yourself.

You may end up getting your case tossed completely, which will mean losing out on any payments. You’ll end up stuck paying back some of your own bills, as well as any legal expenses.

Worse still, you may end up facing some of the blame from the accident, even if it wasn’t your fault at all.

If you want to get the justice that you deserve, you’ll need the help of a personal injury law firm. They’ll have the experience and skills that it takes to fight to take your case to court.

They’ll help to make sure that you get not only the money you need to cover your expenses, but also the additional compensation you deserve for the pain and suffering that followed the accident.

Fighting for Justice in Accidents that Were the Result of Vehicle Malfunctions

Fighting for justice in accidents where a vehicle or roadway was at fault, not a driver, is even more difficult.

Rollover accidents caused by defects in a vehicle’s manufacturing, poorly designed intersections or maintained roadways, and other accidents not caused by driver-error can be tough to fight in court.

Vehicle manufacturers and cities have tough legal teams who will do whatever it takes to avoid taking the blame for your accident.

These types of cases are impossible to fight on your own. You need the expertise of an experienced personal injury law firm. They are experts on the laws that surround vehicle defects and roadway design flaws.

They’ll not only help make sure that the manufacturer’s or cities don’t lay the blame on you, but will also fight for the justice and compensation that you deserve.

A Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help Get Your Case to Court

The majority of car accident cases are settled out of court.

This happens for a variety of reasons. Maybe the defendant fears that they will be blamed for an accident and want to settle out of court to avoid a sympathetic jury. Or the plaintiff fears that the trial will last for months or years, and wants to avoid dragging it out.

But most often, cases are settled out of court because those responsible for the accident, and their lawyers and insurance companies, want to pay out as little as possible.

For the victims of car accidents, settling out of court is often a mistake. This means a payout that is far less than what they deserve.

By enlisting the help of a personal injury law firm, you’ll get the guidance that you need to decide whether taking a payout is the right choice for you.

If you determine that it isn’t, then a personal injury law firm will help make sure that your case goes to court. In court, they’ll help to prove to the jury that you are the victim, and make sure that you get the justice and compensation that you deserve for the pain that you suffered.

If You’ve Been Injured in an Accident, Contact a Personal Injury Law Firm Today

If you’ve been injured in an accident, you deserve justice and compensation.

Without legal help, these can be tough to get on your own. Instead, you’ll be left fighting against doctors, mechanics, and insurance companies, all of whom want you to take the blame for the accident and pay hefty bills that shouldn’t be your responsibility.

That’s why if you’ve been injured in an accident, you need to contact us today.

Our experienced personal injury lawyers will help make the legal process less stressful for you, providing advice and guidance every step of the way.

You won’t have to worry about how you’ll afford our services while you wait for your case to process either. We don’t get paid unless you get your settlement, so get in touch soon!