Louisiana Court Announced a $7.2 Million Verdict for a 2014 Case

A family suffered huge losses in 2014 when a man was killed in an accident involving a Goodyear G182 tire. Now, five years later, a Louisiana Court Announced a $7.2 Million Verdict for the company to pay to the employer and family of the victim.

What Actually Happened

The deceased, Elwood Breaux Jr., lost his life while inflating a G182 tire when a zipper in the sidewall failed resulting in an explosion that left Breaux injured.

Unable to cope up with the injuries, he died at the hospital 28 days after the accident.

Proving The Case

Breaux worked at the Plaquemines Parish Government. According to the workers at the company, they were not warned about possible risks regarding the product.

They testified that they had no idea about possible zipper failures despite the company’s product service bulletins containing warnings regarding risks due to underinflation, improper mounting, and overloading.

What The Court Said

Based on the testimony of the employees, the court stated that the company failed to give proper warnings which resulted in the accident that took Breaux’s life.

The court awarded the victim’s family that consists of his widow and six children a sum of $6.67 million. In addition to this, the court also awarded over $481,000 to the Plaquemines Parish Government for the costs it incurred due to the accident.

What Goodyear Has to Say

The company is yet to release a detailed response on the verdict. However, one of its representatives called the verdict a ‘disappointment’ and announced the intention to appeal it at a later date.

The amount may not bring back the deceased, but it may be able to provide the family some relief in this tough time. If you or someone close to you has been a victim then waste no time and get in touch with us today. We’ll explain your legal rights and help you get your rightful due.

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