What are the Major Causes of Truck Accidents in Baton Rouge?

A lot of us are afraid to share the road with tractor trailers. They’re huge, powerful machines. It seems like they have absolutely no regard for other drivers on the road. The idea of getting hit by a big truck is very scary.

If you’ve ever seen a truck accident on the side of the road, you know how devastating they can be. The passengers in the car hit by the truck suffer very serious injuries. In fact, many of these accidents can be fatal.

Truck accidents are the deadliest kinds of accidents. More people die in truck accidents (on average) than in any other kind of crash. And it’s usually the people in the passenger vehicle who suffer the worst.

The truth is, truck drivers are actually very careful. They train for months or longer to learn how to do their job. They take their job seriously. Not only is it their livelihood, but they don’t want to get into an accident more than anyone else does.

If you’ve been injured in a tractor trailer accident, you’re going to need a Baton Rouge 18 wheeler accident attorney. Unlike a regular car accident, you’ll have to file a claim against multiple parties. It can be very complicated. You want a professional by your side who knows how to handle these situations.

What are the Truck Accident Statistics?

Truck accidents are actually more common than you may think. In 2015 alone, almost 4,000 people died in truck accidents in the U.S. 10% of all traffic fatalities were caused by commercial vehicle accidents.

Most of the fatal accidents in Louisiana are caused by tractor trailer crashes. In fact, in 2015, 64% of all fatal crashes involved tractor trailers. This is because trucks are so much larger than passenger vehicles. A car doesn’t stand a chance against a giant machine like a commercial vehicle.

The injuries in these types of crashes can be very serious. Some of the common injuries suffered in truck accidents in Baton Rouge include:

  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Back injuries
  • Head and neck injuries
  • Lacerations
  • Facial disfigurement
  • Internal injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries

Any of these injuries can be life threatening. Your Baton Rouge trial lawyer will work hard to get you compensation for your injuries. If the truck driver was at fault, they need to be held accountable.

What are the Major Causes of Tractor Trailer Accidents in Louisiana?

Contrary to what a lot of people think, truck drivers do try to be extremely careful. They know what can happen if they crash into a passenger vehicle. Not only will people get hurt, but the driver can lose their job.

No matter how careful a commercial driver may be, accidents happen. Some of the major causes of truck accidents in Louisiana include:

  • Lack of training: If someone isn’t trained properly, there’s a good chance they’ll get into an accident.
  • Mechanical Failure: This can be caused by anything from bad brakes to issues with the wheels.
  • Oversized Trucks: If a driver isn’t accustomed to handling a large truck, they’ll be prone to make mistakes.
  • Brake Failure or Defect: If the brakes are defective, it can be very dangerous. Trucks are heavy and difficult to stop.
  • Poor Driving Conditions: All drivers are more likely to get into a crash in inclement weather. The same is true for truck drivers.
  • Driver Inexperience: Some drivers are new to the job. It’s normal to expect to make some mistake early in their career. The problem is, when they make a mistake, people get hurt.
  • Fatigue: Truckers work a ton of hours. Despite federal limits on how many hours they can work, they still get overtired.
  • Overloaded Trucks: In order to transport as much cargo as possible, this can cause their truck to be overloaded.
  • Speeding: Knowing how hard it is to handle and stop a giant truck, it’s important that truck drivers obey the speed limits at all times.
  • Driving Under the Influence of Drugs or Alcohol: Just like all other drivers, some truck drivers drink and then get behind the wheel. When a truck driver is under the influence, they can cause very serious wrecks.
  • Dangerous and Reckless Driving: Truck drivers are trying to cover a lot of miles every day. This can cause them to drive a bit recklessly. This reckless driving causes very dangerous accidents.

How Can Your Baton Rouge Trial Lawyer Help?

If you’ve been involved in a tractor trailer accident, you need to call a trial lawyer in Baton Rouge. Call today and schedule your free initial consultation with lawyers at Babcock Trial Lawyers. The trucking company will have a team of lawyer working for them. You want to make sure you have someone by your side.