Man In Baton Rouge Arrested For Setting Apartment on Fire

Man in baton rouge arrested for setting apartment on fire. Baton Rouge man was arrested for several counts, among which the biggest one was – setting an apartment on fire. The apartment was located in a building with another thirty residents. Fortunately, the fire was put out on time, and no other resident from the building ended up injured.

Baton Rouge Fire Department said that Ajani London went into the apartment where the mother of his child lived, at 1737 La Annie Drive. First, he started breaking and destroying the furniture. His madness continued with putting clothes in the oven, which he later turned on. During this time, London used his phone and called the mother of his child on Facetime. He was threatening and yelling at her, the fire department said.

Greater Baton Rouge Crimestoppers and Baton Rouge Fire Department investigators joined forces and successfully located the man at 449 Ben Hur Road and immediately arrested him.

The man was twenty-two years old and was booked into East Baton Rouge Parish Prison. His counts include terrorizing, aggravated arson, unauthorized entry into an inhabited apartment, and damage to property.

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