Man Killed in Concordia Parish While Fixing Disabled Vehicle

Every now and then, car accident lawyers hear about cases that just make them scratch their heads. It’s almost as if the stars had to align perfectly for these kinds of accidents to happen. This story is just too tragic to imagine. A 30-year old man in Concordia Parish was in a parking lot when he was killed in Concordia Parish while fixing a disabled vehicle.

Apparently, Jingge Zhu, a 54-year old man from Colin, Texas, was driving his Peterbilt box truck west on Highway 84. He lost control of his vehicle and managed to veer off into what he probably thought was an empty parking lot.

Sadly, when he entered the parking lot, he collided with David Rutledge of Ridgecrest, Louisiana. Rutledge was transported to the local hospital but didn’t survive his injuries.

Of course, when investigating an accident like this, the police need to take every precaution. They said they ran the standard toxicology tests on Zhu but the results are still pending.

Zhu has been charged with careless operation of a vehicle. And, while authorities won’t confirm a cause of the crash, they did put out a safety alert for local drivers. They reminded motorists that they need to be mindful of distracted driving. They said this is the number one cause for accidents in Louisiana.

While this accident may sound like one in a million, these sorts of crashes happen every day in this country. Innocent people get hurt and even killed because some other driver is careless.

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