Stephen Babcock Supports Cancer Cause for Former Client

This is Nicole. Next to her is the adorable seven year old little girl that looks up to her. And why shouldn’t she? Nicole is a hard-working, fun-loving, dedicated, good citizen that loves to laugh and has a heart of gold. She’s also a survivor.

A few months ago, Nicole’s doctor informed her that she is facing cervical cancer.

It’s hard to imagine what it feels like to get news like that for anyone, especially with two daughters watching on (Nicole also has a 19 year old stepdaughter). She is a walking example of how important cancer prevention and early detection are for them and every other woman.

Her older sister, Theresa, has created an online diary of the events throughout Nicole’s journey as they unfold.

Yesterday it was confirmed that Nicole will be having surgery in 20 days. As the countdown continues, they are hoping to collect funds to help pay for the extensive medical bills that come with Nicole’s current and future treatment.