The Police Report Contains Some Very Valuable Information for Your Car Accident Lawsuit

If you get into a car accident in Baton Rouge, there are a few things you need to do. For the most part, if you follow these hints, you’ll be able to recover for your injuries. And, if you don’t follow these suggestions, you may have a hard time proving your case.

The first thing you need to do is call the cops. No matter how much the other driver begs you not to, call them. In fact, the more they beg, the more important it is that you call them. You have no idea what’s going on with the other driver. They could be driving a stolen vehicle. Or, they could be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

The other thing you need to do is get medical treatment. Thankfully, when you call the police, they’ll arrange for an ambulance to take you to the hospital. Never refuse medical treatment. You need to make sure you’re okay. But you also need to prove that you were injured.

Finally, you need to call an experienced Louisiana car accident attorney. Your lawyer will do everything possible from the very start to protect your rights. They’ll fight to get you the compensation you deserve.

The Police Report Contains Very Valuable Information

People don’t always realize how important the police report can be. It contains information that your lawyer won’t be able to get their hands on later on. Or, if he can, it may be very time consuming and expensive.

Some of the information contained in the police report include:

  • Description of the accident scene and road conditions
  • Names and contact information for any witnesses
  • Pictures of the victims, the cars and the scene
  • Statements made by the drivers involved
  • License and insurance information for all parties involved
  • Notes about any tickets or citations issues

Sometimes, it’s not just the information that’s helpful. It’s the fact that it was a police officer gathering the information. A lot of times, witnesses are more likely to talk to the police than a lawyer. Nobody wants to get involved in someone else’s headache.

Calling the Police Will Definitely Help Your Lawsuit

When the police officer arrives at the scene, he’ll conduct a thorough investigation. Some of the things they’ll ascertain include:

  • Were either of the drivers speeding at the time of the crash?
  • Did anyone flee the scene?
  • Are any of the drivers involved under the influence of drugs or alcohol?
  • Did the drivers have a valid license and insurance?
  • Does anyone need immediate or special medical care?

You can’t do these things yourself. And, your Louisiana car accident attorney isn’t going to be on the scene to do it for you. In fact, you probably don’t even have a lawyer at the time of your accident. You may not call one until you need one.

There’s never a good reason for not calling the police. Whether you’re afraid to get a ticket or not, you have to call them. There could be all sorts of reasons the other driver doesn’t want you to call the cops.

Some of these reasons are:

  • They don’t have a valid license
  • They don’t have insurance
  • They’re drunk or under the influence of drugs
  • They’re driving a stolen vehicle
  • They have active warrants

Regardless of the reason, it’s not good enough to avoid calling the police. You don’t want to make your Louisiana trial lawyer’s job any harder than it already is.

The Police Report Can Be Used in Court

Your Louisiana car accident attorney can use the police report in court. It probably won’t get to that point. Over 90% of all car accident lawsuits settle out of court. However, the insurance company will get a copy of the police report too. They’ll be well aware that their client is probably at fault.

Your lawyer will use the police report as leverage in your case. They’ll use it to try to negotiate the highest settlement possible.

Call a Louisiana Car Accident Attorney Today

If you’ve been injured in a car accident, you need to call a Louisiana car accident attorney right away. It’s best if you call them the same day of your accident. You have no idea if your insurance claim is going to be paid or not. It’s best to have an attorney at the ready to handle this for you.

Call today and schedule your free initial consultation. And remember – you pay nothing until you settle your case.