Reserve Deputy Sheriff Arrested in Baton Rouge for Reckless Driving Accident that Killed Local Sanitation Worker

Imagine your son or husband goes off to work in the morning. He works hard, but his job isn’t technically considered very dangerous. He works for the sanitation company and works hard. A sheriff arrested in Baton Rouge for reckless driving accident.

On July 29th, Ricky Mitchell, a 40-year old man from Baton Rouge, had parked the garbage truck he drives on the side of Jefferson Highway. He was standing behind the truck when he was struck from behind by a pickup truck. Sadly, Mitchell was pronounced dead at the scene.

The pickup truck was being driven by Vincent Dipume, Jr, Dipume is a 52-year old reserve Sheriff’s Deputy from Baton Rouge. At the time of the crash, Dipume was talking to his son on his cell phone. He claims that he was using his Bluetooth at the time of the crash. He also claimed that there was a haze that made it impossible to see the sanitation worker.

Videos of the highway that morning showed that other drivers had no problem avoiding the truck or the worker. The weather was clear. Dipume did try to avoid the truck, but by the time he had veered into the other lane, it was too late.

Dipume was in the hospital for a while after the crash. However, on October 4, he was arrested and booked in the Baton Rouge Parish Prison. Dipume was charged with negligent homicide and reckless operation of a vehicle.

No statement from the victim’s family has been released.

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