Tractor Trailer Crash Kills 2 and Injures Another in Baton Rouge

Tractor trailer accidents are always dangerous. But when an accident involves more than one tractor trailer, the results are almost sure to be deadly. For two people in Baton Rouge, that was unfortunately the case. Tractor trailer crash kills 2 and injures another.

At about 12:30 p.m. on September 13, a tractor trailer driving on Interstate-12 in Louisiana crossed the center line and crashed into a white SUV. The make and model of the SUV have not been provided.

The impact of the crash was so severe, both the SUV and the 18-wheeler ended up crossing the median wall. The tractor trailer ended up hitting another 18-wheeler head on. The investigation revealed that there may have been more cars involved in the crash, but this has not yet been confirmed.

The accident took place on Louisiana Interstate-12 near the Pumpkin Center exit in Livingston Parish, just east of Baton Rouge.

No information on the identify of any of the drivers has been released. No cause has been given for the crash either. It’s unclear exactly what would have caused the tractor trailer driver to cross the center lane.

Sadly, two of the accident victims died from their injuries. It is not clear whether these victims were driving the SUV or the tractor trailers. The third person was seriously injured in the crash.

The accident was so bad it shut down Interstate-12 in both directions for hours.

Accidents like this can be frustrating. When no cause is given, it can make it even harder for the victim’s families. All they want is justice for their loved one. This can be hard to achieve when you don’t know exactly what happened.

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