Understanding Damages - Car Accident

Damages After A Car Accident

There is an average of 6 million car accidents per year in the U.S. About 50% of all car accidents leave victims with injuries, either minor or severe. Over 70% of all accidents end with property damages to either your vehicle or your belongings. About 6% of people living in the United States will be affected by a car accident each year. Any accident can not only injure someone but also put their lives in financial turmoil as well. Medical costs alone, after an accident, can increase anxiety and stress for victims. However, getting medical attention if vital, whether you think you are injured or not. Injuries can surface days or even weeks after an accident, healthcare professionals have a better chance of catching them now.


The state of Louisiana gives car accident victims one year to file a claim to receive damages. Damages are the compensation victims receive for all costs or injuries due to an accident. Most damages will come from the other person’s insurance company. Depending on the state you reside in, the fault is a huge factor in determining the number of damages a victim will be able to recover. Injuries and vehicle damages can prevent people from getting to work and earning a wage in the aftermath of a car accident

Recovering Damages – Fault

Louisiana is one of the many states that follows a “fault” system when covering damages after a car accident. A fault system means that whoever is found to have the most fault in the accident, will cover the costs through their insurance carrier as well as themselves.

Common Damages:

  • Property Damages: include damages to your vehicle and any other property that is damaged during the accident
  • Medical Expenses: includes all expenses related to treating your injuries due to the car accident
  • Lost Wages: this includes compensation for most if not all of your wages you would have received if not for the accident

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