Walking And Chewing Gum; Not As Easy As It Used To Be.

A new study of pedestrians found that approximately one-third of them are distracted while walking. Most are distracted by texting, talking on their cell phone or listening to music. The researcher shows that nearly one in 3 people were distracted while walking. Persons who were texting while walking were approximately 4 times less likely to look before they cross a street. They were also more likely to jaywalk. Besides, pedestrians who were texting while walking also spent approximately 2 seconds more at the intersection on an average.

There is no doubt that texting while walking or talking on a cell phone or listening to your MP3 player increases the risk of an accident for pedestrians. In fact, there’s a growing body of research that has addressed these activities, and recommends that pedestrians eliminate all distractions while walking.

However, motorists must also do their part to help keep pedestrians safe. Be extra cautious when you near an intersection. Intersections are pedestrian accident magnets. If you see a pedestrian crossing the road, slow down even if he’s not on a crosswalk.

Louisiana accident lawyers warn that these accident risks are at an all-time high. There are more numbers of people than ever before, because of sky high gas prices and the uncertain economy. The risks are especially high at night. If you plan to walk at night, avoid wearing dark clothes. Wear reflective clothes, or stick reflective tape to your bags and accessories. Motorists must be alert to the presence of pedestrians on crosswalks, sidewalks and on the street.

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