Wrongful Death of a Brother or Sister is Tough.

One of the best companions one can have is a sister or brother. They skinned their knees with you, they may have even caused you to skin a knee. A sibling can be the one who ups the enjoyment level of childhood. They invite you to try things, they share secrets and giggles, they share their gum and ice cream and shirt or blouse. They share themselves with you. Friends may come and go, but there is nothing like a sibling. That’s why losing one due to the negligence of somebody is like losing a limb, or worse. The connection, the love, the memories, some of that goes when they go. If they are older, when they found out that you were coming, they were joyous. If you were older, they were all in from the moment they saw you and understood that you belonged to them somehow. You had a hero, an ally, a friend with the same blood. You had a shoulder to lean on, a person to help you weather the storms of life. It’ not okay that someone caused their death due to their own negligence. It’s not alright that someone’s actions snatched them away from you.

Nobody can be an annoying person who you adore, may have to ignore, but can’t be replaced the way a brother or sister can and Louisiana law acknowledges this. Louisiana’s law is that the person who’s accident causes the death of your brother or sister is responsible to you for that loss. This makes that person who was drinking and driving responsible. I suspect you are wondering how all this works?

Our Louisiana personal injury attorneys can help with thorny issues involving the loss of your brother or sister. A good accident attorney knows how the loss of your brother or sister can be calculated and compensated for. By any measure, this is a solution worth looking into, even if you were not a beneficiary on their life insurance policy.

If you were not so designated, that doesn’t mean you haven’t lost the pleasure and enjoyment of that sister or brother.

If you walk away with nothing but knowledge, you are made better by seeking a consult with a wrongful death attorney that is used to handling such death cases.

Your missed phone chats, your time together, their aggravating remarks and jokes at your experience, they can’t be replaced. However, call us and let us find out if the person that caused you this loss owes you for it.