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Learning that you have mesothelioma is a terrible misfortune, but the pain of dealing with cancer can be amplified when you have to go through legal troubles at the same time. Cases of mesothelioma are often paired with legal procedures. This is because the reason for a person’s mesothelioma is […]

How An Attorney Can Help You Go Toe To Toe With Insurance Claims Following An Accident When you file a Baton Rouge personal injury claim with Babcock Injury Lawyers, LLC there is an almost certain chance that you will soon have to deal with an insurance company, if you haven’t […]

When it comes to personal injuries and resulting lawsuits, it can be difficult to figure out the best thing to do. You’re injured, and you’re trying to take care of yourself and heal, but you also have to think about any legal battles that may ensue. If you’ve been the […]