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Out of the three million people who will be injured by car accidents this year, two million of them will experience permanent injuries. Head, brain and soft tissue damage are the leading types of casualties caused by car accidents. And the first symptom? Usually a headache. It can be difficult to self-diagnose […]

Having difficulty concentrating lately? You’re not alone, especially because most poor concentration issues stem from fatigue and emotional stress. Of course, lack of concentration is a given if you have been in a devastating car accident recently. Experiencing a loss of concentration after your auto wreck? If you’ve sustained a head injury […]

Between 50 and 70 Million American adults have a sleep disorder. Most people who endure some form of trauma, like a car accident, also experience some degree of sleep disturbance. But when is trouble sleeping the sign of something more? It’s difficult to identify the difference between normal sleep issues […]

Around 69 million Americans experience some form of vestibular dysfunction during their lives. Often comes on as people get older and their bodies experience more wear and tear. However, specific events can also cause vestibular dysfunction. Every year in the US there are approximately six million car accidents and a […]

Did you know that there are approximately six million car accidents in the United States each year, resulting in about three million injuries? What’s more, 39.2 percent of accident survivors develop post-traumatic stress disorder. Yet, despite the prevalence of auto incidents in our nation today, there has been little public discourse when […]

Many times an accident victim walks away from an accident thinking they are not injured. Later they may feel dizzy for days, weeks, or months. This is only one of the many symptoms a person may have following a concussion. An estimated 2.8 million people sustain a traumatic brain injury […]

Get this: 6 million car crashes happen in the U.S. on an annual basis. Not only that, but 3 million people experience major injuries after a car crash every year too. Have you suffered from a car crash concussion recently? Don’t worry – dealing with severe confusion after accident trauma is extremely common. If you want […]

In the United States alone, there are roughly six million car accidents every year. These result in over two million injuries, both physically and psychologically. Recovering from the emotional shock of a car crash can be just as challenging as overcoming a physical injury. You may feel more nervous about […]