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It’s that time of year when people like to spend more time outdoors. What better way to do this than out on the open road with the wind in your hair? Driving a motorcycle is one of the most freeing things you can do. So, when the weather breaks, people […]

What do you think of when we say ATV? You probably think of rolling hills, fun and excitement, right? You think of adrenaline and people trailblazing through mud while screaming, “Yeaaah!” But you would hardly think of an ATV accident. But that’s exactly what happens to thousands of people every […]

In the aftermath of an accident, the most important thing to do is to seek medical treatment for any injuries you have suffered. Once you have been treated, it is important to start gathering all of the necessary information that you will need for your insurance company and your attorney […]

Motorcycles offer riders a unique driving experience. Rather than driving an enclosed car or SUV, you are out in the environment. While this carries additional risk with it, it is also exhilarating. There’s just something appealing about a two-wheeled vehicle that lets the rider feel the atmosphere around them. In […]

You’ve been hurt in an accident involving automobiles, motorcycles, dog bites or burns, and you may be wondering: Will an accident lawyer be worth it? Are my injuries really that bad? Was it my fault? How can I handle so many medical bills? Are the physical, emotional, career and psychological damages worth […]

Staying Safe on a Motorcycle

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in 2013, 56 out of every 100,000 registered motorcycles were involved in a fatal crash. Motorcyclists are 35 times more likely to be involved in a deadly accident on the road than passengers in cars. The thrill of riding on a motorcycle […]