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Are you worried about the links between talcum powder and cancer? Talc manufacturers have been making headlines in recent years, with women claiming that their products caused them to develop cancer. Now, more and more women are coming forward with stories of talcum powder ovarian cancer. As a result, manufacturers […]

Do you work with asbestos? While most workers manage to remain safe while working with asbestos, one small misstep can put them at risk. Often, what they experience are the effects of primary asbestos exposure. In fact, more than 127 million suffer from exposure to asbestos. Ever since then, more […]

The delicate fragrance and soft texture of talcum powder make it seem like one of the most innocuous substances there is. But talc products hide a dark secret. As exposed in many talcum powder lawsuits over the last decade, talcum powder use may cause ovarian cancer and is also linked to mesothelioma. Many plaintiffs […]

You’ve read the news lately: there have been an increasing number of lawsuits made against Monsanto, the company who manufactures Roundup weed killer. Perhaps you work on a farm, and frequently come into contact with larger quantities of the chemical. Maybe you’re an avid gardener, and you’ve been using Roundup […]

If a doctor provides medication that made your conditions worse, then you may be able to file a medical malpractice claim. The statute of limitation in place limits the time an individual has to pursue legal actions. This law varies per state, but in Louisiana, it’s one year, so it […]

One of the surgeons who designed the DePuy ASR hip replacement testified last week that the company didn’t have a “vigilance and complaint department” to probe reported problems with the devices. Instead, problems with the devices were reported to the company’s marketing department, which the doctor called his “primary conduit” for information […]