Usually, when a road crew is out on the highway clearing a wreck, all the other motorists have no problem seeing them. Sure, they may rubberneck for a while to see what happened. But it’s hard to miss the lights on the emergency vehicles. Somehow, this wasn’t the case for a 22-year old LSU senior this past weekend who was killed in an accident near Drusilla Lane.

A man driving a semi-truck had pulled over to the side of the road because of a leak in his diesel tank. He had called for 911 assistance and a local firetruck responded to the scene. The firetruck was parked on the side of the road with their hazards and lights on. They were parked near the broken-down Volvo semi-truck.

For some reason., 22-year old Shayna Wilcox crashed right in to the firetruck. The police aren’t sure what caused her to do this. However, once she hit the firetruck, she crashed into the semi-truck as well. Her injuries were so serious, she died at the scene. The coroner came and pronounced her dead.

Wilcox was from Hesperia, California and had planned on joining the army after she graduated. Her dream was to take care of soldiers suffering from PTSD. Sadly, this dream will never be realized as Shayna’s life was cut short in the crash.

The name of the driver of the semi-truck hasn’t been released. There also hasn’t been any indication if alcohol was a factor in the victim losing control of the car. The crash happened on Interstate 12 at abut 2:15 am. The investigation is still ongoing.

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