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Don’t overlook your injuries! The statute of limitations is the window of time that a person has to file a claim. After that time period has passed, a person gives up their rights. Call our personal injury attorneys in Destrehan right away to get your case started before time is up!

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DeRidder Car Accident Lawyer

Since cars are a major source of transportation, it’s no wonder why car wrecks are the most common type of a personal injury accident.

Drivers have a responsibility to themselves and those around them to maintain a safe driving environment. When they are careless and you end up injured, our attorneys are ready to help you get back on your feet. Never settle for less than you deserve just because you don’t fully understand what you are entitled to. Our Destrehan car accident lawyer can provide the legal protection that you need in a time like this.

DeRidder Truck Accident Lawyer

As you may have heard, 18 wheeler truck accidents can be so much more devastating than other wrecks due to their massive size and weight.

After a crippling accident like this, you should be recovering. Unfortunately, many people suffer even worse due to the financial strain of a wreck, and rush themselves into getting back to “normal” so they can work and handle other duties. While doing so, they often do not properly heal and this can cause even more damage. Don’t live in fear of debt. You have rights to compensation, and Attorney Stephen Babcock is here to make sure those rights are not ignored.

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