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Personal Injury Lawyer and Car Accident Attorney in Kenner, Louisiana

Get help from our Kenner car accident lawyer.

Kenner is the largest city in the Jefferson Parish in the U.S. state of Louisiana and the sixth largest city in the whole of U.S. It covers an area of around 15 square miles (39 km2) and is home to around 67,000 people.

The number of fatal car crashes is on the rise over the past few years, but with around 6 fatalities a year, it is still below the state's average.

If you've suffered a serious personal injury in Kenner, or anywhere in Louisiana, you need to speak with an experienced injury lawyer as soon as you are able to.

An experienced Kenner personal injury attorney can help you protect your legal rights as well as help you get the compensation that can pay for your medical expenses and lost wages. For a free case review, call our office at (225) 222-2625.

Personal Injury Lawyer in Kenner Louisiana

Personal injuries have many causes, but their effects are always the same: heartache, suffering and financial hardship.

Whether you were hurt in a car collision or by the actions of a negligent doctor, our Kenner injury lawyers are ready to fight for justice and compensation on your behalf. Often, you pay no legal fees unless we first make a recovery for you.

Car Accident Lawyer in Kenner Louisiana

No one deserves to be hurt by the actions of a reckless driver. Thousands of car accidents are caused every year by people who decide they don't want to drive safely on the roads of Louisiana.

Their arrogant negligence causes innocent families to suffer serious injuries and wrongful deaths sometimes. If you've been hurt in a car accident, you have certain rights. These rights include the ability to pursue legal action against the person who caused the wreck.

Moreover, this legal action can result in an award of compensation for the pain you've suffered. To take the first step towards legal action, call our Kenner car accident lawyers at (225) 222-2625.

Truck Accident Lawyer in Kenner Louisiana

Truck accidents are some of the most dangerous events that happen on the roads of Louisiana.

Trucking companies are notorious for bullying the victims of truck wrecks into accepting a settlement that is often less than what they deserve.

If you have been affected by a truck accident, seek legal counsel as soon as you can. A qualified Kenner truck accident lawyer can help protect your rights as well as show the trucking company you won't be bullied into accepting less than you deserve.

Whether you were injured in a Kenner car or truck accident, or another type of personal injury accident: Get Even. Call Stephen.™ (225) 222-2625

Leave the Negotiations to Us

Even if you think you have excellent negotiating skills, we would advise you against negotiating with the insurance company representatives on your own.

Namely, even though the state's laws protect you in times like this, there are still some loopholes, which allow the insurance companies to offer you less money for compensation. That is why you should let us fight this battle for you.

Things to Do When in Kenner, LA

Thinking of visiting this French-sounding city in Louisiana? Kenner is just an hour and a half away from Baton Rouge. If you have a consultation with a Baton Rouge personal injury attorney, you may schedule a trip to Kenner too. Babcock Partners, LLC is a well-known personal injury attorney in Baton Rouge. It is one of the 130 law firms in the state to meet A.M. Best's stringent standards for admission in "Best's Directory of Recommended Insurance Attorneys and Adjusters." Find your injury and car accident lawyer at Babcock Partners, LLC. Their firm is at 10101 Siegen Ln #3c Baton Rouge LA 70810. Check out their website, https://www.stephenbabcock.com/.

Now if you're planning some sightseeing in Kenner, Louisiana, here are some of the top sights recommended to you:

  • Treasure Chest Casino– This entertainment hub has a great view of the lake and highlights riverboat styling features. They have a lot of games and slots as well as excellent dining and entertaining shows.
  • Veterans Park– Enjoy a quiet walk in the park, sit down for some picnic, and enjoy the ducks at the pond. They also have a nice playground for the kids. This well-maintained park is located just across the Kenner City Hall.
  • LaSalle's Landing– No trip to Kenner will be complete without visiting this historic landmark. In 1682, Robert Cavelier De LaSalle landed in the Indian Village, which was later known as the City of Kenner.

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