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Personal Injury Attorney and Car Accident Lawyer in Slidell, Louisiana

Our office is committed to fighting for citizens of Slidell suffering from an auto accident or a personal injury. If you have been injured through the negligence of another person, attorneys at Babcock Partners, LLC are ready to help you.

The effects of a personal injury in Slidell can be overwhelming. As the victim, you are often left with property damage, lost wages, and medical bills.

You can rely on Babcock Partners, LLC to prevent insurance companies from stalling or refusing to pay. We will fight for your rights as the victim, and not stop until you can get the compensation owed to you. Call our office today for a free case review from a Slidell personal injury lawyer (225) 222-2625.

Car Wreck Attorney Slidell Louisiana

Car accidents can be a life-changing incident. When a reckless or drunk driver hits a person, they put the injured in the painful position of dealing with:

  • Property damages
  • Lost wages
  • Psychological damages
  • Medical expenses

Don't go through a car accident and personal injury alone. Babcock Partners, LLC Car Accident Lawyers are here in Slidell to make sure you get the compensation you deserve. Call us at (225) 222-2625.

Truck Accident Lawyer Slidell Louisiana

Truck accidents involving large trucks are serious and should not be taken lightly. Negligent truck drivers who drive while exhausted, intoxicated, or distracted need to be held accountable. Our Truck Accident Lawyers are standing by to look at your case.

Get Even. Call Stephen.™ For a free case evaluation and our 100% Client Satisfaction Guarantee call Stephen now at (225) 222-2625.

Get help from our Slidell car accident lawyer.

Slidell Personal Injury Lawyer

If you or a loved one were involved in a personal injury accident in the River Ridge, Louisiana area contacts Babcock Partners, LLC your go-to personal injury attorneys. Many premature deaths are caused by personal injury accidents. These types of accidents occur when a person is injured as a result of another person's carelessness. They can be caused by:

  • A slip and fall
  • Medical malpractice
  • Faulty product
  • Car accident

We know personal injury accidents can happen at any time of the day, that's why our team is here to help. Give us a call for a free initial case review. There are no obligations and all of your information will be kept confidential. We are dedicated to getting people back on their feet after an accident. The statute of limitations is the amount of time a person has to file a claim before they forfeit the opportunity to do so.

In Louisiana, the statute of limitations is a year. The clock is ticking, so do not overlook your injuries call us today. We can help you get a settlement to assist you with your medical bills, loss of wages and pain and suffering you endured after your accident. After an accident, you want someone by your side who is an expert in law and can answer any questions that you may have. Let us help you to the road of financial recovery.

Car Accident Lawyer Slidell

Car accident lawyer slidell

Cars are one of our major sources of transportation, so it is no wonder that car accidents are the most common type of personal injury. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports 130, 557 people died in motor vehicle accidents. Everyday drivers and passengers put their lives on the line when they enter a vehicle. The top reasons for collisions are as followed:

Accidents can be range from minor fender benders to major collisions. No matter how minor or major your accident may have been, never overlook your injuries. Don't suffer because of someone else's negligence. If you or a loved one have been injured in a car accident contact Babcock Partners, LLC, your reliable River Ridge, Louisiana car accident attorneys.

Renting or repairing your vehicle to hospital stays and doctors' visits can be very stressful after your accident not to mention the financial burden. Why should you have to suffer physically, financially, emotionally and mentally because of someone else's negligence? There's a way out, let Babcock Partners, LLC help. We will fight for you until you get a settlement to help pay for any expenses after your accident such as medical bills, loss of wages and pain and suffering. Because of the statute of limitations in place, car accident cases are very time sensitive. So give us a call today to see if you have a case.

Truck Accident Lawyer

River Ridge Truck accident lawyer slidell

The statute of limitations is the legal time limit a person has to file a claim against another party. After that time limit has passed a person forfeits their rights to pursue a case, no matter how severe their injury may have been. Because of the weight and size of a truck, when they are involved in an accident the injuries are far more severe and can even be fatal. Inexperienced drivers, speeding, faulty equipment and drivers' fatigue are a few common reasons for truck accidents

No matter what the reason may have been for the accident, trucking companies are legally responsible for their drivers and their actions. It is not uncommon for the truck company's adjuster to try to offer a settlement to victims that is less than what they actually deserve. Always seek legal advice before you sign or agree to anything. Don't let this happen to you. Call Babcock Partners, LLC, we are your River Ridge, Louisiana truck accident attorneys.

After your accident, your main concern should be a full recovery. Let us handle your legal matters. Why should you have to pay because of someone else's carelessness? We will fight for you until you get a settlement to assist you with any expenses you may have incurred after your accident. So call us today, your initial case review is free.

Slidell and the Love of Nature

Are you tired of the hustle and bustle of city life? Slidell provides a natural escape with plenty of quiet outdoor activities and serene attractions to offer. It is less than 2 hours away from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, making Slidell the perfect destination for your next weekend destination. If you're stressed out looking for a personal injury attorney Baton Rouge firm, there's none best but Babcock Partners, LLC. This boutique litigation firm is known for their excellence in personal injury litigation. When in Louisiana, Babcock Partners, LLC is your go-to personal injury lawyer. Just driving by and you suddenly need a car accident lawyer, visit their location at 10101 Siegen Ln #3c Baton Rouge LA 70810. For details, their website is https://www.stephenbabcock.com/.

Now that your personal injury case is in the hands of a trusted law firm, you can break from stress and city living and enjoy a weekender at Slidell, Louisiana. There are so many breathtaking attractions in Slidell that help to forget troubles and stress. Here are some of our recommendations:

  • Pearl River Wildlife Management Area– This large protected area sprawls over 35,000 acres of forests, streams, and bayous. It is the perfect place to enjoy fishing and boating as well as waterfowl and game hunting.
  • Camp Salmen Nature Park– Plan your visit during the weekend, the only time it is open. Enjoy recreation at this 130-acre camp that preserves the historical, biological, archaeological, and cultural legacies in Slidell, Louisiana. The wooded park has an amphitheater for events, three pavilions, and a playground.
  • Honey Island Cypress Swamp– Go on a tour with Honey Island Adventures and discover the beautiful swamp with licensed, native guides and Coast-Guard inspected boats.

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