Bastrop Louisiana Personal Injury Lawyer

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Sometimes, life can be tough enough to handle without having to deal with being injured. So when a personal injury happens, it can make your days that much more difficult to get through. We understand that being hurt goes beyond just the physical pain. You have a family to tend to, a job to get back to, and a life to live! Our Bastrop personal injury lawyer can help you get back on your feet financially, offering the security that your family needs right now.

Bastrop Car Accident Lawyer

If you’ve been in an auto accident in Bastrop, you’re not alone. According to a report by Louisiana State University, there were over 168,000 car accidents in 2015. Car accident attorney Stephen Babcock is on your side, and office representatives can take your call for free right now. Come tell us your side of the story, and we will do our best to see that it ends happily – and according to the law!

We urge you to contact our Bastrop personal injury lawyer via chat, phone, or email.

Bastrop Truck Accident Lawyer

18 wheeler. Big rig. Tractor trailer. Construction vehicle. Call them what you will, an average large truck can be up to 30 times heavier than a car. While normal accidents are already often deadly, consider one with that much more force being applied! These are some of the most dangerous wreck types, to say the least.

That’s why there is a specific set of laws for truck accidents, and your case should only be handled by an attorney that understands them. Contact our office at (225) 414-6499 or toll-free at (800) 939-0911.