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We all have a duty to create a safe environment for ourselves those around us to the best of our ability. When you have been injured by the carelessness of another person, the law says they should be held accountable. By this, we expect your medical bills and other expenses that were caused by the personal injury incident to be covered by the party at fault. Unfortunately, it isn’t always that simple. The insurance companies that are supposed to provide funds for this coverage are not always quick to do so. That’s when it’s time to contact DeRidder personal injury lawyer Stephen Babcock.

DeRidder Car Accident Lawyer

Personal Injury Lawyer in DeRidder LouisianaThe way a vehicle collides with yours is an important clue for how the accident happens. Here are some common accident types:

  • Head-on: When two cars are facing each other and collide front-to-front.
  • Side swiped: When two cars are parallel and one grazes against the side of the other.
  • Rear ended: When one car hits the back of the other.
  • T-boned: When one automobile collides perpendicularly with the other.

No matter what direction you are coming from, any of these wrecks can cause serious damage to your body. Our firm recommends to seek medical care and consult with an attorney if you have been in any car accident.

DeRidder Truck Accident Lawyer

You may be wondering if your truck accident is worth telling an attorney about. The answer for this is always YES. It’s best to take part in a consultation and find out if they can help, rather than ignoring your rights and losing your chance to be compensated. After all, case reviews with our firm are free, easy, and quick. In fact, it can be done right from where you are sitting in a matter of minutes! Call us at (225) 500-5000 or toll-free at (800) 939-0911 for a free case review.