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Hurt or Injured in Marrero, Louisiana?

Our Marrero personal injury lawyers want to hear from you if you have been hurt. We have years of experience in helping people just like you move forward from an accident that has injured them.

No one deserves to be hurt by the actions of another person. Countless people are injured every year at the hands of negligent drivers, truck operators, and doctors.

Regardless of what caused your injuries, you have rights under the law. These rights include the option for pursuing monetary compensation for your injuries and their related expenses, including:

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Car Accident Lawyer Marrero

Car accidents are one of the most common causes of serious personal injuries.

If you have been hurt in a car accident, you probably have questions about your rights. You may also have questions about taking legal action against the driver that caused your accident.

Our car accident lawyers work with families all across Marrero, New Orleans, and Louisiana. Don’t wait to call us – we’re ready to talk to you now. Our office number is (225) 269-5175. For a free, confidential case review with our team of lawyers, call us as soon as you can.

Truck Accident Lawyer Marrero

Thousands of trucks cross Louisiana every day. Not all of these trucks are driven by responsible, alert, and safe drivers. When negligent or intoxicated drivers get behind the wheels of giant trucks, the consequences are often disastrous and harmful.

Trucking companies can be sued for the actions of their employees. If your family has suffered personal injuries or wrongful death at the hands of a truck driver, you need to speak with a Marrero truck accident lawyer when possible.

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