New Iberia Louisiana Personal Injury Lawyer

New Iberia Louisiana Personal Injury Attorneys

Hurt or Injured in New Iberia, Louisiana?

At Babcock Injury Lawyers, we are proud to have a proven track record of successfully securing compensation for injured Louisianans and their families. If you’ve been hurt, we want to hear your story – call our office at (225) 269-5175 to speak with an experienced New Iberia personal injury lawyer.

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New Iberia Personal Injury Lawyer

Personal injuries have many causes, but their effects are inevitably the same: heartbreak, pain, and suffering for both the victim and their family.

You have rights under the law. We can help you fight for justice and compensation from the person or company that caused your injuries. This compensation can help you pay for:

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New Iberia Car Accident Injury Lawyer

Thousands of car accidents happen every year, injuring countless numbers of people across Louisiana and the rest of the United States. Whether you live here in the state, or you were just visiting when the accident occurred, we at Babcock Injury Lawyers can help you.

No matter what your situation may be, call us for a free, confidential case review at (225) 269-5175. We can help you recover from the car wreck.

New Iberia Truck Accident Lawyer

Truck wrecks are some of the most serious disasters that can happen on the road. These catastrophic accidents often result in extremely grave personal injuries.

Unfortunately, not all truck wrecks happen by accident. Far too often, they are the result of truck drivers who operate their vehicles while exhausted, intoxicated, or distracted. These negligent truck drivers must be held accountable for their actions in a court of law.

Truck companies may try to intimidate you into accepting a small cash settlement in exchange for not pursuing legal action; do not accept their offer, and immediately call an experienced truck wreck attorney at (225) 269-5175.