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Personal Injury Attorney in Baton Rouge

If you or a loved one has been badly injured in an accident that was someone else’s fault, you need to act now to protect your financial future. Medical expenses, lost income and other expenses and losses add up quickly when someone has been badly hurt. You have a right to be compensated for your losses, but it is up to you to demand fair payment — insurers don’t want you to have it.

Babcock Partners: Baton Rouge Personal Injury Claim Lawyers

Babcock Partners in Baton Rouge helps individuals and families after devastating accidents. As doctors assist with your medical recovery, we will seek to secure your financial recovery. Our attorneys, Stephen Babcock and Chase Tettleton, have dedicated their professional lives to making insurance companies do what’s right when Louisiana residents like you are injured.

Your Baton Rouge Personal Injury Accident Attorney

Insurance companies want to pay as little as possible for accident claims. Babcock Partners fights for the maximum compensation available under insurance policies purchased in good faith for your case.

Contact Babcock Partners today for an assessment of your options for pursuing a personal injury claim.

Take advantage of Babcock Partners 100% Satisfaction Guarantee:

  • Free Consultation: We’ll review your case and how we would move forward with a claim for free and with no strings attached.
  • You’ll pay us nothing unless and until we recover money for you.
  • If at any time during the first 30 days of our representation you decide we aren’t the right law firm for you, you may request your case file. We’ll deliver all materials from your case days, and you can walk away with no legal fees or costs due us and no further obligation to us at all.

We want you to have the insurance money you deserve and need.



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What Clients Say About Our Firm


I’ve had a great learning experience with Babcock Partners. They are excellent at what they do. I was very impressed with how they handled my personal injury case. Continue reading

—Timothy B., Insider Pages Reviews | more testimonials

I just had my personal injury case wrapped up by Stephen and his team and I can honestly say that I’m impressed with the speed and efficiency with which everything was handled. Continue reading

—Samir A., Citysearch Reviews | more testimonials

Rely on Babcock Partners in Baton Rouge after an Accidental Injury

If you are to be properly compensated for your losses after suffering a personal injury, you will need experienced legal assistance.

Babcock Partners can help after:

Babcock Partners focuses exclusively on helping personal injury victims and their families in Baton Rouge and across Louisiana. We are stand-up plaintiffs’ trial attorneys.

Firm attorneys Stephen Babcock and Chase Tettleton have been named U.S. News & World Report Best Lawyers in Personal Injury – Plaintiffs 2011-2017 and are members of Trial Masters,™ a national organization comprising lawyers who have tried 35 or more trials to verdict, and the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum,  a group of trial lawyers whose members have won million and multi-million dollar cases.

Insurance companies active in Louisiana know when they see “Babcock Partners” on a claim, they are in for thoroughly prepared and tough-minded settlement negotiations, and a law firm more than ready to fight them in court if they do not do the right thing.

How Babcock Partners Pursues Personal Injury Claims

As your personal injury attorneys, Babcock Partners will seek to obtain all available compensation owed to you. A personal injury claim is a lawsuit that establishes facts of the case and makes “demands” for payment. Our demands will be based on a full accounting of your losses and what’s allowed under Louisiana personal injury / wrongful death law.

To prepare a claim we will:

  • Investigate how and why your accident occurred and work to identify parties liable (responsible) for what happened to you.
  • Consult medical experts to analyze your medical records to determine the full extent of your injuries and recovery prospects, and calculate your past, present and projected medical costs
  • Determine other costs and losses caused by your accident and injuries that the law allows you to seek reimbursement for, including:
    • Lost wages after the accident
    • Lost capacity for future earnings due to partial or full disability
    • Pain
    • Suffering
    • Loss of consortium if a spouse has suffered an injury
    • Property damage
    • Funeral or burial expenses in a wrongful death
  • Identify insurance policies applicable to your accident and injuries, and what coverage they provide
  • Draft and file a lawsuit on your behalf.

Our first objective is to negotiate a settlement that is the maximum fair settlement and proper given the circumstances of your accident and your losses. This gets money to you faster and without the time and expense of going to court. Once a settlement offer is accepted, the case concludes quickly thereafter, and you can get on with your life.

Because Louisiana is a pure comparative negligence state we must allow for any fault on your part which may reduce the amount of money you recover. We will strongly push back against false claims and work to mitigate other allegations.

Negligence on your part that contributed to your accident should not prevent you from being compensated. However, this requires you to provide your attorneys with all information you have about the accident so that we may protect your rights and interests.

Take Action after a Personal Injury Accident

Here are the steps to take after an accident, if you are able, to help a potential legal claim:

  • See a doctor. If you did not require emergency care, visit a doctor within 48 hours of your accident. Some serious injuries have delayed symptoms. Also, receiving medical care begins to document your injuries for a claim. Once under medical care, follow all your doctors’ orders.
  • Report the accident. Notify authorities — police, a manager, work supervisors, etc. — of the accident and the fact that you were injured. Complete any form or report required, and ask for a copy before you leave. If there are no set procedures, try to get an email or postal mail address and send a “to whom it may concern” description of what happened to you as soon as possible.
  • Gather evidence at the scene. Get photos of the accident scene, such as damage to vehicles in a car accident or the hazard that caused your wreck. Get contact information for all witnesses, or record their statements. Save any personal property that was damaged or soiled as it is.
  • Document your accident and recovery. Start a file and keep originals or copies of every record, report, receipt, correspondence, photo, etc., connected to your accident and injuries, particularly if it reflects money spent or lost. Make notes about what happened the day of your accident before and immediately after you were hurt. Document your recovery, including medical treatment, pain, progress, setbacks, and any work, leisure activities or special occasions you miss due to being injured.
  • Keep to yourself. Do not publicize potential legal action over an accidental injury. Talk about it only with your attorneys and doctors. Keep your legal business out of social media. Never downplay your injuries or suggest that you were at fault for the accident. Don’t blame or make negative statements about anyone else involved in your case.
  • Be careful with the insurance companies. If an insurance adjustor contacts you, be careful what you say. Do not accept blame for your accident. Do not downplay the extent of your injuries. Never sign anything an insurance representative presents to you after a significant accident without the approval of an attorney who is working for you.

Once you engage a lawyer after an accident, you become armed with a magic phrase:

Please contact my attorneys about that.

As your attorneys, Babcock Partners will handle all matters involving insurance companies connected to your case. We can also send “notice of representation” to creditors to advise them that a claim is underway and we expect compensation in the near future. If you have not obtained medical care you require, repairs to a damaged vehicle, or other general assistance, we have local contacts we can refer you to.

Babcock Partners is in your corner when you are a client. We will handle all legal matters surrounding your accident and injuries. We want you to work with your doctors and therapists to get better.

Call Our Baton Rouge Personal Injury Attorneys Today

Babcock Partners will tirelessly pursue all compensation you are entitled to receive for injuries and losses you or a loved one has suffered in an accident. Don’t be pressured into taking a quick insurance settlement that does not begin to address your real losses.

We’ll seek a settlement or jury verdict that makes you whole financially. We’ll investigate the full extent of your accident and injuries and work to hold all parties responsible for the harm you have suffered accountable.


We can begin work on your behalf today. Call us in Baton Rouge or reach out online for a free, no obligation case review.