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Large plants and industrial centers are a big job-maker, but they’re also risky places to work and live around. Large petrochemical plants, refining facilities, crude oil plants, and much more constitute some of the state’s large industrial sites. Any individual is at risk of injury while working on these sites or living near them. Whatever your role, you may be entitled to significant money damages if you were hurt by this kind of facility or while working at this kind of facility.

A Baton Rouge industrial accident lawyer understands the complex manufacturing operations and industrial facilities at play in your accident. You deserve the care and attention of a dedicated injury attorney in your goal to win financial compensation.


Causes of Industrial Accident Injuries

The large industrial complexes and massive equipment around Baton Rouge carry the potential for severe harm for those on the property and those within the effect radius of an accident or chemical leak. While these areas provide a great deal of employment, they also put many at risk when they are negligently maintained or operated. As a result of negligent actions, devastating accidents can occur, such as:

Depending on the type of accident that happened, your rights to compensation may differ. Whenever the industrial accident and your injuries are caused by the negligent acts of a defendant, filing a claim with a lawyer in Baton Rouge is in your best interests.

Potential Parties in Industrial Accident Lawsuits

A single accident can affect many different types of individuals. These large factories and sites often work with dangerous and volatile substances and materials. The potential for individual or widespread exposure to dangerous substances is high. As a result, various types of parties may be plaintiffs in an industrial accident action.


An employee of an industrial site is likely able to utilize the state workers’ compensation system to obtain compensation and benefits. This administrative system is specifically designed for employees as opposed to other third-party plaintiffs.

Third-Party Contractors

Many industrial sites employ third-party workers and independent contractors. While they may not be generally eligible for workers’ compensation, they’re likely still able to file an injury lawsuit in an appropriate situation.

Surrounding Residents, Guests, and Passersby

Large accidents have the potential to harm guests on the site property and passersby who are simply too close to the accident when it occurs. Large accidents may also affect residents of homes in the surrounding areas. All of these parties are entitled to money damages following an industrial accident.

Meeting an Important Filing Deadline in Baton Rouge

Under Louisiana Civil Code § 3492, an industrial accident claim must be filed within one year of the date the injury occurred.  This short time frame has to be respected and followed, as the case will be dismissed by the trial court if the claim is brought outside of it. You shouldn’t have to lose out on a claim because of this technicality, so consider getting in touch with an attorney in Baton Rouge quickly following an industrial accident.

Speak to a Baton Rouge Industrial Accident Attorney

he potentially large scale and serious nature of industrial accidents makes it especially crucial for those involved to pursue compensation. If you were harmed in any related accident, you should get in touch with experienced legal representation as soon as possible.

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