Raceland Louisiana Personal Injury Lawyer

Raceland Louisiana Personal Injury Attorneys

“Personal injury” is a term that we use to generally describe an instance of harm that stemmed from someone else’s negligence. If this sounds like what you are going through, we urge you to contact a lawyer. Attorney Stephen Babcock and his team of supporting staff are ready to help.

If you are ever feeling unsure about whether or not to hire a personal injury attorney, we have a simple solution. Contact our office and take part in a free case review. It doesn’t cost you anything but a few moments. Our friendly and caring staff will quickly assess your case and give reliable advice about your next steps. You’re under no obligation to hire us, so there’s no harm in calling or emailing us just for an opinion to trust.

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Raceland, LA Car Accident Attorneys

When considering whether or not to hire our Raceland personal injury lawyer, you may be concerned about the cost.

We are proud to inform you that our firm never charges you for our services until your case is officially WON. That’s right – we don’t get paid unless you do!

Car accident cases, as with about every personal injury case, have a certain window of time that the case must be filed by.

This is what’s known as the statute of limitations, and the actual length of time that you have may vary depending on your state.

Raceland, LA Truck Accident Lawyer

With almost 5 million people living in our state, it’s no shock that auto accidents happen every single day here.

However, what is shocking is the number of people that ignore their rights by not taking legal action. We advise that you call a lawyer and discuss your options immediately after any motor vehicle accident.

When you wreck with an 18 wheeler or tractor trailer, you’re now up against their corporate insurance. This isn’t something to handle alone.

Let an attorney that understands the ins and outs of this complex area of law take care of you. Call us for a free case review at (225) 269-5175 or call toll-free at (800) 939-0911.

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