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Ruston and the surrounding areas have popular places to bike other than just Lincoln Parish Park, whether simply around town, in neighborhoods, or in designated areas. Bicycles are also permitted to ride on many types of roads, especially local roads at low to moderate speeds. But despite the protections afforded under state law, many motorists ignore the rights of bicyclists and their negligence leads to severe injuries.

Regardless of how you were harmed in a bike wreck, you are entitled to seek money damages with the help of a skilled injury attorney. A Ruston bicycle accident lawyer can help you pursue your claim and represent you while you focus on healing.

Special Laws Protecting and Obligating Bicyclists

Laws exist that protect cyclists and hold them to the same standards as others. Understanding these rules and laws can help you present a case in a way that shows you’re owed compensation.

  • Safe Passing Laws: Motorists are required to pass a bicyclist with due care and sufficient safe space between them and the bicyclist.
  • Helmets: Children under twelve are required to wear a helmet in the state.
  • True Stops: Unlike some states, Louisiana does not permit special rules for bicycles at stop signs and red lights. Bicyclists are required to make a full stop just like a car.
  • Treatment as Motor Vehicle: For purposes of road driving, Louisiana Revised Statutes Annotated § 32:194 requires motorists to respect bicycles as if they were other motor vehicles.

Other unique aspects of state law may impact a bicycle wreck claim. A well-trained bike wreck lawyer is familiar with these aspects of Ruston law and can help you utilize them when necessary.

Comparative Negligence: Impacts on Liability and Damages

If you were responsible for part of your own damages, or if the defendant alleges that was the case, a court will conduct a comparative negligence analysis. State law uses a pure comparative negligence system in these situations.

This means your level of fault in the accident is determined by percentage. Once that percentage is determined in any injury case, the percentage is used to reduce the plaintiff’s damage awards accordingly. While some states set a limit on the percentage of fault a plaintiff can have and still recover, no such limitation exists within Louisiana.

Bicycle Accident Lawyers

Defensive Tactics and Comparative Negligence

The defendant might claim you were partially at fault as a defense tactic when little evidence actually exists to support the allegation. Understanding these tactics will make a major difference in the potential outcome of your specific case. Regardless, you should seek an experienced attorney in Ruston to help you execute a defense of any tactics the defendant uses against you.

Consult a Ruston Bicycle Accident Attorney for Assistance Right Away

Bicycle wrecks often cause severe injuries. An accident that would’ve been considered minor between two cars can be deadly when a bike is involved. If you suffered significant injuries in a bicycle accident, you deserve to have your case handled by legal counsel who is familiar with the law and your rights as a cyclist.

An experienced Ruston bicycle accident lawyer is prepared to help you. Contact us at (318) 777-5000  today to get started.

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