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Children seriously injured in an accident can face a devastating recovery process filled with pain and fear. Even for those who fully recover, what they’ve been through deserves compensation. You and your family may also be entitled to compensation for the costs of medical bills, lost work, and much more.

When an adult acts carelessly and injures your child, an experienced injury attorney can help. A Ruston child injury lawyer can handle your case and seek to establish the defendant’s fault. You deserve fair financial restitution, and our team can fight for it on your behalf.

When Injuries to Minors Occur

Many things may be the reason a child is hurt, some of which are purely accidental. However, too many times a child is put in danger because of the negligent actions of a person or company. Certain types of accidents that would result in minor injuries to an adult can have severe consequences for a young person.

Some of the most common circumstances regarding child injury that a well-versed lawyer in Ruston can help you file suit for include, but aren’t limited to:

Child Injury Attorney

Any injury that requires medical care and intervention is likely serious enough to warrant legal action. As their parent, you can file a lawsuit on your child’s behalf to seek monetary compensation for them and possibly for yourself.

Children More Susceptible to Injuries

A child’s body is still developing, and injuries to it can have long-lasting effects. While children can often heal effectively, the trauma they have endured in an accident, especially a painful one, can be devastating.

Very small children may be harmed even in minor accidents. As a result of these unique aspects of child injuries, a consultation is highly recommended to protect the child’s legal rights.

Special Time Limitations in Child Injury Claims

Most personal injury claims are subject to Louisiana Civil Code § 3492, which dictates that injured individuals file their lawsuits within a single year of the date the accident occurred—this is a very short time frame to file a claim. For most individuals, any failure to file within that particular timeframe means the case will be dismissed with near certainty.

Child cases are different because of a legal concept known as tolling. Injuries to children typically “toll” or pause the statute of limitations until the child reaches 18. At that time, the one-year period begins to run. Certain cases may be an exception to Ruston’s child injury rule, so it’s critical to speak with a dedicated attorney about the time limits.

Filing within the Year—Even with Tolling

If possible, it’s often advisable to file on behalf of the child within one year rather than waiting. Even when tolling is available, fresh evidence is typically better evidence. If you have questions about time limitations, a skilled local lawyer can determine the best time to file your child’s case.

A Ruston Child Injury Attorney Can Help You Fight for Recovery

After a serious accident can be an overwhelming and challenging time for you and your child. The effects of the injury can affect many areas of your life—emotionally and financially. However, skilled legal counsel can help you seek the compensation you deserve.

An experienced Ruston child injury lawyer can act on your behalf and work to get you the recovery you need. Speak with our office today to get started.

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