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Dog attacks can lead to injury, infection, and lasting psychological trauma. An attack by a dog might also result in permanent scarring, disfigurement, and serious pain. The medical treatment required to heal can be expensive and time-consuming, especially if you’re unable to work.

However, if you were bitten by a canine, you might be able to hold the owner accountable with the help of a skilled injury attorney. Let an experienced Ruston dog bite lawyer advise on your case and help you seek money damages.

Dog Bite Law in Ruston

Louisiana Civil Code § 2321 covers the state’s law for dog bites. The state utilizes what’s commonly referred to as a “one-bite rule.” This means that if this is the first time a dog has ever demonstrated dangerous behavior, you might be unable to succeed in your claim. The law also requires proof of other elements for a successful dog bite claim, including the following:

This law also applies to dog injuries other than bites, such as those caused by a dog jumping, scratching, or attacking. The statute also applies to other animals that an owner may possess. These cases should be handled by a Ruston lawyer who knows how to best fight for your interests after a dog attack.

Dog Bite Attorney

Defenses a Defendant May Use

A defendant might attempt to avoid paying for your injuries by utilizing certain legal defenses. One of the most common is that you somehow provoked the dog into an attack. Teasing, poking, scaring, or attacking can set off a dog, which would be considered sufficient provocation to make the dog owner not liable for injuries. In certain cases, trespassing on a person’s property could also be considered sufficient provocation of a dog.

Compensation in Canine Bite Cases

Monetary compensation may help you heal more quickly and repair aspects of your life after a serious attack. This compensation may include:

If you suffered any type of harm because of a dog attack, significant compensation might be available. A qualified attorney in Ruston knows how to help you pursue money damages for your canine bite.

Seek Compensation with a Ruston Dog Bite Attorney

To potentially win financial compensation in a dog bite case, you must provide proof of the harm, an owner’s prior knowledge of the dog’s dangerous proclivities, and various other elements.

However, you do not have to attempt to prove these complicated elements on your own. A qualified attorney is here to help. Contact an experienced Ruston dog bite lawyer who has the years of training needed to help you seek compensation today.

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