Single vehicle crashes are sometimes the hardest to investigate. When there are no other cars involved, it’s not easy to figure out what caused the victim to lose control of their car. When the crash involves someone on a motorcycle, the authorities typically chalk it up to excessive speed or reckless driving. Such was the case Shreveport motorcyclist was killed last week. Lorenzo Antonio Brown was riding his bike down the 3100 block of Hilry Huckaby Drive when he crashed his motorcycle. The authorities responded to the crash site minutes after the crash. By the time they got there, Brown had passed away from his injuries.

Sadly, motorcycle accidents tend to be the most dangerous kind of motor vehicle accident. There is absolutely nothing to protect the driver. If they get into a crash, the only thing that stands between them and the road is a plastic helmet.

The accident was so serious that the coroner couldn’t even identify the victim for a couple of days. They had to use Brown’s fingerprints to identify him. There has been no report yet from the victim’s family. There is also no information on what caused the accidents.

The coroner is said to be performing an autopsy. This could be because they believe drugs or alcohol could have been a contributing factor. But there has been no confirmation of this to date.

There is no confirmed cause of the crash. However, depending on what they investigation reveals, the family of the victim may have a wrongful death claim. If the car malfunctioned or if the video reveals that another driver caused the accident, they’ll have a potential claim for damages.

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