Most Common Truck Accident Causes

Trucking accidents can lead to severe injuries, massive property damages, and death. Most of these accidents are mostly preventable because they can be caused by mistakes made by the driver. For 2014, 3,660 people died as a result of a large truck crash according to data from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. The IIHS concluded that over 70% of all of those injured and killed from trucking accidents, were the occupants of cars and other smaller trucks. Impaired drivers aren’t as quick to make responsible choices while driving, they take unnecessary
risks, and are not able to react to obstacles or dangers on the roads. The following on the leading causes of truck accidents due to the driver:

Driver Fatigue:

The Federal government implemented the “hours of service rules” to ensure that truck drivers have an adequate amount of time to sleep when they aren’t driving. The rules set the number of hours a driver can work at 14 hours, while only able to drive a maximum of 11 hours each day. According to the rules, a driver must be “off-duty” for at least ten consecutive hours before starting a shift. A driver cannot work more than 60 hours in a seven consecutive day period or no more than 70 hours in an eight consecutive day period. Fatigue can be a huge factor when a driver is encountering an obstacle or need to make a decision. Truck drivers can fall asleep at the wheel, which has lead to horrible accidents.

Drug Use:

Truck drivers are not able to use any controlled substances unless approved by a licensed physician who can determine if they can drive while on the medication. Federal regulations require trucking companies to test their drivers for alcohol and drugs before offering employment, as well as participating in random tests while the driver is on duty.

Failure to be Aware of Blind Spots:

These large vehicles can have huge blind spots. Other drivers on the roads are warned with signs on the outside of most trucks, but it can be concerning either way. Most of the accidents that occur that involve a truck hitting another vehicle, happen when the car is in the blind spot or “no-zone.” Drivers are expected to be more aware of their surroundings to keep themselves safe all of the people they share the roadways with.

General Carelessness:

These are the errors that a drive makes similar to the smaller vehicles on the roads. For instance driving too fast is a simple but potentially harmful action for large trucks. Lack of experience is another factor that would mean the driver isn’t prepared for certain circumstances. These are all hazardous forms of driving that can gravely impact all of the drivers nearby.

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