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Workplace accidents are more common than most employees think. You may be injured when on the job or at a company function or event. These injuries are all covered under the Louisiana Workforce Commission’s workers’ comp program. This program will pay your medical bills as well as your lost wages from work while you recover from your workplace injuries. If you’ve been injured at work, contact Babcock Trial lawyers for a FREE consultation at (225) 414-6499.

When you file for workers’ compensation, you need the help of a worker’s comp attorney in Louisiana to take your case. These lawyers will fight for your right to compensation. They can get you benefits for your injuries and will fight a denial of benefits. Let your Baton Rouge workers’ compensation attorney fight for you after suffering a workplace injury.

How Do I Know If My Employer Provides Workers’ Comp?

All employers in Louisiana need to carry workers’ compensation regardless of how many employees they have on staff. All employees that are full-time, part-time or seasonal workers will receive benefits under the workers’ comp program. Contract workers and independent contractors will not receive benefits under the workers’ comp program in Louisiana.

If you are injured while on the job, you will be provided medical insurance for your workplace injuries by your employer under the workers’ compensation program. These benefits will pay for all of your medical expenses related to your workplace injuries.
The Louisiana Workforce Commission will provide you compensation for your wages. This includes a percentage of your lost wages from work. You are paid these wages until you are released by your doctor to work again.

What If a Workplace Accident in Louisiana was My Fault?

No matter if you are involved in a workplace accident that was caused by an error that you made or one that your employer made, you will receive workers’ compensation benefits in Louisiana. The workers’ comp program covers all workers and all injuries regardless of the case of the accident as long as you were on the job at the time it occurred.

The only time you may be denied workers’ comp benefits is if you were under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time of the accident. In these instances, you need the legal help of a workers’ compensation attorney in Baton Rouge to investigate your injury case.

How Much Workers’ Comp Can I Receive?

If you are unable to work because of your workplace injuries, you will receive workers’ comp benefits for your lost wages. These benefits will pay two-thirds of your average weekly wage up to $904.74 per week for as long as you are considered unable to work because of the limiting factor or disability of your injuries.

The amount paid will depend on the extent of your injuries and the duration that you are disabled or unable to work. Your Louisiana workers’ compensation attorney can help you determine what your total benefits are in your workplace injury case.

How Does the Medical Insurance Work for Workers’ Compensation in Baton Rouge?

When you are injured in a workplace accident, your employer must cover your medical expenses under their own insurance program. While this will pay for all the medical treatment you need for your injuries, you are required to see a doctor that has been approved by your employer.

If you fail to see an employer-approved physician, you will not have your medical treatment paid for by your employer. You will ultimately be responsible for your medical expenses regardless if your injury occurred at work.

When Will I Receive My Workers’ Compensation Benefits in Baton Rouge?

The Louisiana Workforce Commission has a seven-day waiting period for all workers’ comp claims. These seven days are unpaid unless you are out of work for 14 days. If you are out of work for 14 days because of your workplace injuries, payment of your workers’ comp benefits will occur after the seven-day waiting period.

Under the law for workers’ comp, payment of benefits will occur within 14 days from the date that you notified your employer of your workplace injury. It is important that you speak to a Louisiana workers’ compensation attorney about your case as soon as possible. They will ensure you receive your workers’ compensation in a timely fashion.

When Do I Have To Go Back To Work After a Workplace Accident in Louisiana?

Going back to work after a workers’ comp claim can be difficult with injuries. You may not feel that you are ready to work just yet, but if your physician clears you to work, you must return to your employer as soon as they say you are ready.
Your doctor may also clear you for light-duty work. In these instances, you will need to return to work in a light-duty role. When this happens, you will receive supplemental income by the Louisiana Workforce Commission. This will allow you to receive your light-duty pay in addition to the supplemental benefits that workers’ compensation provides for your workplace injuries.

How Long Do I Have to File a Workers’ Comp Claim in Baton Rouge?

Filing a workers’ comp claim needs to happen quickly. You only have 10 days after you know you have an injury from a workplace accident to notify your employer. For this reason, it is imperative that you let your employer know as soon as a workplace accident occurs that you have an injury.

If you fail to file your workers’ comp claim within the 10-day deadline, you may not receive your benefits. The Louisiana Workforce Commission has strict regulations in place that dictate the injury filing process. A Baton Rouge workers’ compensation law firm can help. They can file your injury claim within the allotted timeframe to ensure you receive benefits as soon as possible.

What Do I Do If I Receive a Denial of Workers’ Comp Benefits in Louisiana?

There are times when the Louisiana Workforce Commission or your employer will deny your workers’ compensation benefits. You may receive a denial of benefits letter and be unable to collect workers’ compensation benefits. In these cases, you need the help of a workers’ comp lawyer in Louisiana.

A Baton Rouge workers’ compensation attorney will represent you during the appeals process for your injury benefits. They will walk you through each stage of the appeals process and will be there to support you with your workers’ comp case.

Your workers’ comp lawyer will provide you with the legal advice you need during the appeals process. They will build a strong case that helps you to secure workers’ compensation benefits. The appeals process can be complex and challenging to navigate. A workers’ comp attorney in Louisiana knows the law for workers’ compensation benefits and will take your case.

How Can a Workers’ Comp Attorney in Baton Rouge Help Me?

A workers’ comp attorney in Louisiana can help you with your workers’ compensation claim. They can help you with the filing process to ensure you secure benefits quickly. If you receive a denial of workers’ comp benefits, your Louisiana workers’ comp law firm will help you through the appeals process.

A workers’ comp attorney will represent you during your appeal. This can provide you a better outcome with your injury claim as a workers’ compensation lawyer in Baton Rouge will build a strong case that shows the extent of your injuries. They will provide medical records, accident reports, and any other evidence that can prove your injuries during the appeals process.
When you work with a workers’ compensation lawyer in Louisiana, you will receive a free consultation for your injury case. Here, you can discuss your case in confidence and receive the legal advice you are looking for after a workplace accident injures you.

During your consultation, you can ask all the legal questions you have about workers’ comp and understand if your injury qualifies for compensation. Your workers’ compensation attorney will calculate your benefits and help you to get the medical coverage you need to pay for your lost wages from work.

A workers’ compensation attorney can take the stress out of filing your claim. They can help you recover from your injuries without worry or financial stress. A workers’ comp lawyer can get you the compensation you deserve after a workplace accident. Let your Baton Rouge workers’ compensation lawyer help you with your injury claim.

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