Being involved in a car accident is never a spot anyone wants to be. The effects can be extremely detrimental to your health and overall well-being. Bills can add up at mind-boggling speeds, and certain injuries can inhibit your ability to work efficiently and can leave you struggling to financially provide for both you and your family. If you ever find yourself in a car-wreck, ensuring that you take the right steps can mean the difference between getting back on track or having a tough road to recovery. In you are involved in an accident, the most important processes are:

  1. Stay put – never drive away from the scene of an accident, no matter the severity.
  2. Notify the authorities – Having the police document the accident will help along the way with insurance and in other law-related areas.
  3. Protect the area – putting up indicators of the accident can prevent further collisions from unfolding.
  4. Find medical attention – your health is critical. If you find yourself injured, get to a hospital or call an ambulance immediately.
  5. Check for witnesses – anyone that can help corroborate the events of the accident will ensure accuracy and help with the investigation.
  6. Be concise – when recording the events do not embellish the scenario and be as detailed as possible.
  7. Photograph the scene – having photographic proof is vital.
  8. Trade information – from an insurance and legal perspective, it is imperative that you exchange information with any involved party.
  9. Organize documents – any records of the incident should be organized properly in case they are needed.
  10. Know the law – if your rights were violated in any way, you might be eligible for compensation. If you are unsure, contact our attorneys.

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