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With over 10 million car accidents in a single year, chances are that at some point in your life, you’ll be involved in an auto accident. In addition to dealing with the emotional and physical side effects of a car wreck? We know that you’ll also have to face the […]

More than 40% of all car accidents in the United States are rear-end collisions. Usually, these kinds of accidents happen at a stop light or some kind of an intersection. Since the average person will likely have at least three to four car accidents over the course of their lifetime? […]

With accident injuries, the injured person can take longer to develop symptoms related to their injury. This is true for adults and children alike. The difference with children is that they cannot always explain their problems. Between the years 2010 and 2014, 2,885 children died in car accident in the […]

How can you tell who’s at fault in an oil rig accident? Determining who’s at fault goes a long way toward getting people they compensation they deserve. If you’ve been in an oil rig accident, you’ll definitely want to know who was responsible, since you may be entitled to compensation. […]

It’s official — deaths and injury from automobile accidents are on the rise throughout the United States. You may be lucky enough to escape from an accident with your life. But you’ve likely also sustained some kind of injury as a result of the wreck. Alongside concussions and broken bones, […]

Car accidents are scary and unexpected occurrences that can cause great and immediate stress. So many logistical questions may arise in the moment that you may not take the time to focus on the most important factor of all — your own personal health. Over 3 million people are injured […]

Getting into a car accident can be a very frightening experience. It’s not unusual for survivors to feel dazed and forget what steps to take next. This is especially true when they’re injured. This is why lawyers make the process very easy. After seeing a medical physician and filing your […]