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The impact of a car striking yours and jolting your body to the point of injury is one of the most vulnerable, traumatic experiences a person can go through. This is why choosing a lights out personal injury lawyer is critical. Car accidents come with lots of physical and emotional stress, […]

In 2016, the Coast Guard recorded 4,463 boating accidents, and this number was up by 7.3 percent from 2015’s figure. These statistics show that water accidents are common, and the last thing any boater wants is getting involved in one. But since things tend to be quite unpredictable, it helps […]

The worst thing about car accidents is that you can get into one without doing anything wrong. Say you’re stopped at an intersection behind another car, patiently waiting for the light to turn green. You look into your rearview and see a car approaching fast. In fact, it’s approaching way […]

Have you been in an accident and now considering hiring a Baton Rouge personal injury attorney? Hiring an experienced, quality lawyer is essential if you want to receive the compensation you deserve for your injury. However, choosing a personal injury attorney is no easy feat. Dealing with and recuperating from […]

James Dean, Princess Diana, comedian Sam Kinison, TLC rapper Lisa (Left Eye) Lopes, Grace Kelly, artist Jackson Pollock, and most recently, Paul Walker of “Fast and Furious” fame. The tragic thing they all have in common… A fatal car crash. No one gets into their vehicle wondering if an automobile accident […]

Are you aware that 26 states have recently legalized marijuana for medical and recreational use? That is more than half the states in the country. It is wonderful news for people who suffer from chronic illnesses who rely on medication such as cannabis to seek comfort in their daily lives. […]

I spent most of my youth on motorcycles and a fairly significant portion of my adult years too. I’ve owned everything from Honda Minitrail 50s to Harley Davidson Dyna Glide convertibles and I love riding them. But as a Baton Rouge injury attorney, I can tell you that some of […]

Deaths due to an automobile accident have continued to rise in the past couple of years. 2016 is said to have one of the highest amounts of car accident-related fatalities ever recorded. In the last two years, there has been a 14% increase of reported deaths due to traffic accidents. It doesn’t […]

You’ve been hurt in an accident involving automobiles, motorcycles, dog bites or burns, and you may be wondering: Will an accident lawyer be worth it? Are my injuries really that bad? Was it my fault? How can I handle so many medical bills? Are the physical, emotional, career and psychological damages worth […]