What Are the Dangers of T-Bone Car Accidents?

Car accidents may be fairly common, but the manner in which they occur can vary wildly from one crash to the next. Fender benders are typically considered minor auto accidents, whereas head-on collisions are considered especially dangerous. A “T-Bone” accident is the term used to describe a car crash where one car drives into the side of another automobile. The accident looks something like a T. These accidents can be especially dangerous for the car that drives into the other vehicle, as well as for the passenger or driver who was seated at the side where the car made an impact.

T-Bone accidents commonly occur at traffic intersections, usually where one driver runs a red light or is distracted and fails to yield to the other motorist. As with almost any other car accident, t-boning another vehicle is frequently the result of texting and driving, driver negligence, speeding, or driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

The injuries caused by T-Bone accidents can be very serious. This is in part because most civilian cars are designed to prioritize safety against collisions from the front and rear. In addition to the possibility of a fatal accident, injuries sustained in T-Bone car crashes can include paralysis, traumatic brain injuries, broken bones, organ damage, soft tissue damage, burns, and the loss of limbs.

What Types of Compensation Can a T-Bone Accident Victim Hope to Recover?

Before you can recover compensation, the fault must be determined. While we think of the car that impacts the other vehicle as the one that was wrong, either car could actually be considered responsible for a T-Bone accident. An investigation will take place, where evidence will be recovered to determine which driver sped through a stop sign, made an illegal turn, etc.

After the investigation determines the driver who was at fault, you may then hope to recover compensation by filing an insurance claim and a lawsuit for additional damages. Your settlement could take the form of both economic and non-economic damages.

How Do Serious Injuries Change the Potential Settlement for T-Bone Car Accident Victims?

Typically speaking, the more serious the injury, the higher the settlement. While some injuries may heal with time – and the settlement may pay for the medical expenses related to your recovery – other injuries and disabilities can be permanent. These catastrophic injuries can forever alter how you live your life, sometimes even limiting the employment you can pursue and the ability to live independently or take care of yourself.

Catastrophic injuries can result in the loss of quality of life, the need to hire nurses and at-home care, and the cost of refitting a home for a new disability. These factors, plus the survivor’s emotional and physical anguish, can play a role in how much compensation a plaintiff receives in their settlement.

How Can Expensive Medical Bills Affect the Settlement Amount for a Personal Injury Claim?

In addition to the cost of dealing with permanent, catastrophic injuries, the cost of expensive medical bills can also play into settlement negotiations. While you are recovering from your injuries, the cost of your medical treatment can be extreme.

Sometimes, these medical expenses far surpass what an insurance policy might cover, leaving the injured victim on the hook for the extra costs. If successful in your suit against the at-fault driver, you can get compensated for these costly medical bills and recover from your injuries in peace.

How Do Financial Losses Figure into Settlement Negotiations?

While your injuries and the recovery of your health should take precedence, we mustn’t ignore the financial setbacks that a T-Bone accident could inflict upon victims. If you were injured, you might have been forced to miss work. And if you burn through your sick days, then that means you’ve lost wages you were otherwise counting on to support you and your family. Additionally, there exists the possibility of lost earning capacity going into the future. To say nothing about property damages and the need to repair your vehicle.

If the T-Bone car collision costs you financial damage, your personal injury lawyers will seek fair compensation on your behalf.

What is a Potential Settlement Amount?

When you calculate all of the critical factors – medical bills, lost wages, emotional anguish, physical pain and suffering, property damages, etc. – we attempt to arrive at a number that is fair.

The amount of compensation for T-Bone accidents varies on a case-by-case basis. The average settlement for bodily injuries is somewhere between $20,000 and $24,000. In contrast, the average payment for property damages is approximately $4,000 to $10,000.

If you do not hire a lawyer for your case, you face the possibility of fighting the insurance companies on your own at a time when you should be recovering. Additionally, the negotiations are likely to last longer, and you may recover a smaller settlement amount.

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