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Many people in Louisiana and around the country consider it a common courtesy to flash their high beams to let other drivers know about a speed trap looming ahead. Others, including some police departments, consider it a crime. A handful of recent court cases, however, suggest that drivers enjoy a […]

When most people think about car accident injuries, broken bones and whiplash come to mind first. But did you know that car accidents often can cause significant knee injuries as well? One of our clients was injured in an automobile accident while visiting Baton Rouge on business. He was driving […]

Federal and Louisiana law both protect employees from workplace discrimination. The Louisiana Employment Discrimination Law, La. R.S. 23:301 et seq., and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 generally prohibit employers from discriminating against their workers on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, or national origin. In […]

Most drivers understand that they have a legal duty to follow other vehicles with care and maintain a safe distance. They also understand that when a rear-end accident occurs, the following driver is presumed to be at fault. The key word, however, is presumed. Gilmore v. Allstate Insurance Company shows that […]

For less money than you may think, a Louisiana speeding ticket lawyer can help negotiate your Louisiana speeding ticket and hopefully keep it off of your driving record. I’m not talking about you having to go to court and have a trial, I’m talking about having a lawyer handle it […]

Local authorities in Clinton, Louisiana have taken a bold approach to fighting crime: close the town at 11pm and impose a general curfew. The mayor, city council and police chief are apparently all on the same page in defending the measure: “The main reason is we have people standing in […]

We don’t hear much about the Constitution’s Third Amendment. Thankfully, the forced quartering of soldiers never became as big a problem as the Framers apparently feared it would be. In fact, the best we an tell, the Supreme Court has never heard a case that directly involved the Third Amendment, […]

Arbitration clauses are hidden everywhere: cell phone service contracts, credit card agreements, even the user agreement included with the video game you just bought. Any time you buy something or sign a contract, there’s a good chance you are signing away your right to sue and agreeing to binding arbitration. […]

The US Supreme Court made two rulings in the final week of its term that will have significant effects on employee discrimination lawsuits. Although they didn’t capture the same media attention as the Court’s decisions on affirmative action or gay marriage, employees and business owners should nevertheless take heed of […]