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Losing a loved one is never easy. However, when your loved one is killed because of someone else’s negligence is devastating. It’s so hard to understand how someone’s carelessness can be the reason your family member is dead. When this does happen, you need to call an experienced wrongful death […]

Any wrongful death lawyer in Louisiana will tell you that most wrongful death cases involve negligence. One way to look at a wrongful death case is that it’s just like a personal injury case, only the plaintiff isn’t alive to file suit. Most wrongful death cases are caused by the […]

Some of the hardest cases for personal injury lawyers to handle are wrongful death cases. Knowing a family has suffered such a major loss can be heartbreaking. But this is all the more reason why your lawyer will fight to get you justice. People get into accidents every day. Thankfully, […]

A wrongful death is when someone dies due the negligence or intentional act of another person. And while there are dozens of ways this can happen, Louisiana wrongful death lawyers know that there are certain types of accidents that are more dangerous than others. The more dangerous the accident, the […]

We all know that we’re going to lose our loved ones at some point. But that point is usually many years from now. And they usually pass away from an illness or old age. We don’t expect to lose a family member due to an accident. If someone else is […]

On average, large-truck traffic accidents kill more people each year than domestic commercial flight crashes have in the past 45 years. This chilling statistic shows that an 18-wheeler accident can happen to anyone – and it’s more likely than you think. If you experience this worst-case-scenario situation, there are some […]