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Most of us will be involved in some sort of car accident in our lifetime. Thankfully, most of these are pretty minor. You may suffer some property damage. You may even have some bumps and bruises. But, for the most part, you’ll be okay. After your accident, you’ll have to submit your […]

How An Attorney Can Help You Go Toe To Toe With Insurance Claims Following An Accident When you file a Baton Rouge personal injury claim with Babcock Partners, LLC there is an almost certain chance that you will soon have to deal with an insurance company, if you haven’t already. […]

If you’ve been in a car accident and filed a lawsuit, you’re probably wondering what the settlement process entails. Or maybe you’re curious to know just in case you’re ever in a car accident. A car accident settlement involves a lot of emotional pain and suffering because it can take […]

In the aftermath of an accident, the most important thing to do is to seek medical treatment for any injuries you have suffered. Once you have been treated, it is important to start gathering all of the necessary information that you will need for your insurance company and your attorney […]

Most drivers understand that they have a legal duty to follow other vehicles with care and maintain a safe distance. They also understand that when a rear-end accident occurs, the following driver is presumed to be at fault. The key word, however, is presumed. Gilmore v. Allstate Insurance Company shows that […]